Programme Manager

for PPRE

Herena Torio
Tel: +49-441-798-3212
Email: herdqxbenazu.torio@uoljx.d2gal1e

for EMRE

Robin Knecht
Tel: +49-441-798-3212
Email: robgsw9inl5ir.knecht@uol.devk

for REO

Andreas Günther
Tel: +49-441-798-3338


Programme Coordinator
for the Study Programmes PPRE and EUREC

Edu Knagge
Tel: +49-441-798-3544
Fax: +49-441-798-3990
Email: ppreop7u@uol.nmn70deazkh

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Alumni Networking

PPRE organised several regional alumni meetings so far in

  • Germany (Oldenburg, 2012)
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See the complete Programme for the International Conference Renewable Energy 2030 - Experts' Visions

  • Bangladesh (Dhaka, 2012)
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Read the report of the 2nd International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy Technology and German Alumni Energy Expert Seminar for South and South-East Asian Countries 2012 in Bangladesh.

  • Indonesia (RESDIG, 2011)
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Read the report of the Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development of Indonesia and Germany (RESDIG) 2011 in Indonesia.

  • Germany (Oldenburg, 2010)
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See the programme of the DAAD Alumni Summer School 2010 in Oldenburg.

  • Germany (Oldenburg, 2006)
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See the programme of the Alumni Summer School 2006 in Oldenburg.

  • Germany (Oldenburg, 2004)
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  • Southeast Africa (Nairobi, 2003)
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  • Latin America (Chile, 1999)
  • Europe (Oldenburg, 1997)
  • Southeast Asia (New Dehli, 1996)
  • East Afrika (Nairobi, 1993)

There is also the PPRE-alumni-newsletter, which is published on a frequent basis and beside news from PPRE, Oldenburg it usually contains reports, notes, etc. from our alumni. Presently the about 700 copies are spread not only among present students and alumni but are also sent to other institutions and organisations working in the RE field worldwide.

Over the years we enjoyed also re-invitation visits of many alumni. Every year some of our graduates are invited and find their way back to Oldenburg to provide special seminars to PPRE-students.

Nearly all of our approx. 400 alumni in over 80 countries can contact each other - with the help of an e-mail based discussion list:

Webmasgmvweter (sandrak8b0y-s6oabrpvwdina.schaszhwpu1erz1@uol.edhde) (Stand: 06.09.2019)