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6th Biogas Compact Workshop at the University of Oldenburg on Biochemistry

Project Planning and Mass Dissemination for Domestic Biodigesters in Developing Countries

April 26th-28th, 2011 For the 6th time the international biogas workshop on domestic biogas technology for developing countries and its mass dissemination took place at the University of Oldenburg. The workshop is an integrated part of the master course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (MSc - Apart 22 students of the current batch another 35 participants applied from all over the world. Beside 15 international students from the master course SESAM at University of Flensburg, we welcomed experts from NGOís like HIVOS, Norwegian Church Aid, PIN and UNFCCC as well as students from the Universities of Leipzig, Aachen, Hagen, Stockholm and Udine. The opening address was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics of the University of Oldenburg, Prof. Dr. Martin Holtaus. 


The workshop started with an extended morning and afternoon session on the biochemical processes of anaerobic fermentation presented by the expert on biochemistry Henri Spanjers from LeAF ( The afternoon session offered group working with software, analyzing the status of the fermentation process depending on various parameters. The second day was dedicated to technology of domestic bio-digesters, their construction, quality of bio-slurry, benefits on hygenics and health, soil protection, household labour saving, and other benefits like employment creation presented by Felix ter Heegde from SNV ( With more than 15 years experience in this sector, dedicated to generate national biogas programs in south-east Asia he is now working as senior biogas advisor in East Africa.  Widening the perspective from digesting manure from cattle and other livestock to improve live conditions of farmerís households, a presentation on fermenting urban waste was given by Camilo Wilches, PPRE alumni, working for Biogas-Weser-Ems (  On the third day the long term experience in biogas programs was presented by focusing on success factors for ìviable domestic biogas programsî. It included aspects on economy and Clean Development Mechanisms on national scale. These topics were highly welcomed by the participants.  Practical parts on gas stove and gas lamps as well as experiments on flow patterns within the digesters completed the overall experience gained in the workshop.


Developing the contents of the programme from year to year and evaluating the participantís comments the plans for the workshop in 2012 will probably lead to

  • extended time for discussion
  • extended laboratory/practical part
  • extended sessions on CDM 
  • extended sessions on mass dissemination
  • a session on usage of biogas CHP for power production.

To cope with interest of the participants in active participation and group working we will organize software licenses for the biochemistry sessions in adequate numbers. And consequently the workshop will get extended to a 4-days event.  Please feel free to download the following material from the Biogas Workshop 2011. 



Educational Movies

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  • Biogas educational Movie 2 [.zip/VCD]   << watch movie >>   << download >>
  • Biogas educational Movie 3 [.zip/VCD]   << watch movie >>   << download >>
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