Biogas Workshop 2013

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Biogas Workshop 2013

Biogas Compact Workshop 2013

Biodigesters in Developing Countries Biochemistry, Project Planning and Mass Dissemination for Domestic Biodigesters Apr. 3-Apr. 7. 2013 University of Oldenburg, Germany

As in the past years the Master Course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy at the University of Oldenburg will hold a workshop on mass dissemination of domestic biodigesters in developing countries.

This year the workshop will start on Wednesday noon and will last till Sunday noon.

The course will cover biochemistry, planning and technology of biodigesters in developing countries and the experiences on mass dissemination programs.

The topics are ranging from planning, construction and operation to financing, policy implementation and local market development! Long term experiences will be presented by specialists of bio-digester programs in (South-East) Asian countries. Our experts from SNV Netherlands have been working in several biogas-programs tailored to rural areas of developing countries for more than 20 years. The workshop includes practical parts in which you get in touch with a bioreactor and you will experience handling and working with biogas. At the end of each day we will have moderated sessions in which we can discuss occurring topics depending on the interests of the participants.

A public lecture on the over use of soil will be held by Mr. Thomas Fritz on Friday, April 5th 2013. He will present on the contents of his book "Peak Soil" addressing land grapping and neo-liberalism, rising hunger, upcoming revolts and endangering of soil. Soil, a natural resource, treated as an economical exploitable reserve by international acting investment funds and governments securing their food supply by long-term contracts on soil use in other countries.

The workshop will be held together with the students of the current Master course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy ( We are looking forward to meeting you in April.


For April 3rd to April 7th: 500 € (students 70 € and must include a copy of matriculation / proof of student enrolment)
The fees include documentation of the presentations on CD, refreshments and snacks and a come-together dinner.


Since the overall number of participants is limited, PPRE students have to send the application form! You are then automatically registered. We need to know who of you is participating since

Waiting List for Workshop 2013 is already opened!

We are sorry to inform all external applicants, that due to reserved places for PPRE students and international Alumni from German universities the number of open places are very limited this year.

Firstly check if you eligable as an Alumni for the summer school "Water, energy and sanitation in urban and decentralized region". The biogas workshop will be part of that summer school funded by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and taking place from March 30th to April 12th 2013. Apply there for the full period of the summer school.

Secondly: you should apply via the application form and return it via email to We wil keep you on the waiting list.

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