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Biogas Workshop 2014

Biogas Compact Workshop 2014

5-days International Workshop on

Mass Dissemination of Domestic Biodigesters
in Developing Countries –
from Technology to National Programmes

  April 7th to April 11th, 2014

 at the University of Oldenburg

Biogas Workshop Programme 2014

Registration is now open
from January 27th to march, 30th 2014
Online Registration

Find here: Experts' Profiles

The Master Course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy at the University of Oldenburg will be holding its annual workshop on mass dissemination of domestic bio-digesters in developing countries.

This year the workshop will start 7th April (Monday morning) and will go on till 11th April (Friday noon).

Long term experience will be presented by specialists of bio-digester programs in (South-East) Asian countries. Our dedicated experts from SNV Netherlands, Jan Lam  and Felix ter Heegde, have been working in several biogas-programs tailored to rural areas of developing countries for more than 30 years. The workshop includes practical sessions in which you get in touch with a bio-reactor and you will experience handling and working with biogas. There will be time also for discussion sessions and networking.

Here you can access the Biogas Workshop Programme 2014.

The Topics
The main topics that are going to be covered in this workshop are:

  • The biochemical anaerobic fermentation process by Prof. Rabus, Microbiologist, Univ. Oldenburg (requested)
  • Lam Jan (Renewable Energy Advisor-SNV) & Felix ter Heegde (Regional Advisor in Domestic Biogas-SNV) will give extensive presentations on the following topics:

  • Biogas for development and domestic biogas
  • Biogas Plant Designs
  • Plant functioning, dimensioning and proper sizing
  • Appliances for domestic biogas (stoves, lamps and household use)
  • Practical implications and lessons learned
  • Programme functions, instutional framework and cost analysis (Investment & Revenue)
  • Biogas in Carbon offset projects and GHG emissions

Workshop fee:
Students/PhD students: 110,-€
Oldenburg Students: 70,-€
Other: 500,-€
Fees include workshop reader, excursion to biogas plant, come-together dinner, refreshments and cookies during the days of workshop

You may register online between January 27th and March 30th, 2014
via the conference registration site. The link will be available from January 27th.

Venue and Accommodation
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