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Workshop Summary

SNV-Biogas Workshop 2015 at PPRE / Uni Oldenburg from 15.-18.April

The Domestic Biogas Course, organised by the Oldenburg University Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE), was conducted for the 10th time in succession by SNV from 15 to 18 April 2015.

Initially targeted at students enrolled in the Master programme in Renewable Energy, the course was opened to all interested and is now attended by biogas practitioners and policy developers from all over the world. This year’s course trained over 40 participants including, besides the PPRE students, particpants from the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bhutan; the World Bioenergy Association and a variety of Universities a.o. the British University in Egypt, Sudan University of Science, Technische Universität München, Cologne University of Applied Science and the Lund University Sweden.

The course content covers an introduction into bio-chemistry explaining the processes in a biodigester, the different types of domestic biodigesters in use and their functioning, the domestic application of biogas, the optimisation of biodigester effluent (bio-slurry) use as fertiliser and animal feedstock, the financial & economic aspects for both the household and the programme, the SNV approach in biodigester sector development and the long-term financing of programmes through carbon emission reduction credit sale.

Part of the course is based on lab experiments where the participants can have a hands-on experience in the functioning and efficiency testing of different biogas stoves. Through this course, renewable energy students, practitioners and policy makers are gaining knowledge how domestic biodigesters can disseminated on a large scale and therewith help overcome problems in relation to unsustainable (biomass)fuel use and food security. The course functions on an open structure where active participation through discussion is encouraged. The feedback obtained from the participants, both verbally during a wrap-up session and written evaluation forms is used to constantly improve the course.

The participants receive a course reader where all topics are described in detail. Also all presentations are made available on CD and on cloud. The 2015 course was accommodated by the Hanse-Wissenschaft Kolleg (HWK), an Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst, which is well equiped for this type of events.

In 2013 the cooperation between SNV and the University of Oldenburg was formalised in a MoU. When openings are available, the PPRE students are welcome to do their internship in a SNV supported biodigester programme or other RE activity. The 2016 course is scheduled from 20. - 23. April at Oldenburg. Information on the course and registration will take place via the University Oldenburg PPRE website.


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