Experience Reports

Work Experiences from the Field of Rural Energy Supply

Mobisol is a young but fast growing solar home system company, operating in East Africa. The company with headquarters in Berlin so far installed 30,000 SHS in Tanzania (since 2013) and Rwanda (since 2015). Read more

Going Back to the Roots...Experiences and Lessons Learnt in Oldenburg

From my early days in bachelors until recently, I was living with the belief and thought that the energy (electricity and fossil fuel for transportation) is the most essential commodity/service to develop the developing world. These ideas and thinking were driven by living in industrial society since childhood and studying western (now Indian too) ideologies of means and modes of development. Read more

My Experience at NTUA, Athens, Greece

I am going through the EUREC Masters Program on Renewable Energy which is a three semester study conducted over two universities one as core and other as specialisation followed by internship in third. Read more

Experience on the Semester Abroad in PROMES Laboratory
Perpignan University, Odeillo, France

The preparation to this semester was quite straight forward. I had called the university to confi rm the application procedure. We have had a small delay in this stage because the Erasmus partnership between Oldenburg University and Perpignan University was very new and the web page had not been updated to received exchange students for Oldenburg University. Read more

Oldenburg Marathon 2015 - Students Team

by Aldo Leon, Mexico (PPRE 2015/17)

It was early morning on Sunday, October 18th 2015, cloudy and chilly day accompanied by that light rain that wets your clothes little by little, the kind of Sunday were you just look out of the window and you know you won´t leave the house unless it is absolutely necessary, I mean, why would you leave? Not even the stores are open on a Sunday here so, why not make a plan to sit at home and watch movies with a hot cup of chocolate? Well, we had a marathon to run. The Oldenburg Marathon. Read more

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