Programme Manager

for PPRE

Herena Torio
Tel: +49-441-798-3212
Email: herena.tdaorvtio@vsuol.2/udezb2

for EMRE

Robin Knecht
Tel: +49-441-798-3212
Email: robin.knean08bcht@uoloc.del3

for REO

Andreas Günther
Tel: +49-441-798-3338
Email: reo@uoeml.dedga


Programme Coordinator
for the Study Programmes PPRE and EUREC

Edu Knagge
Tel: +49-441-798-3544
Fax: +49-441-798-3990
Email: ppre@kluol.def4kw

Photovoltaic magazine reports about the Energie Labor

Photovoltaic magazine report about the PV modules installed on the roof of the Energie Labor. (German Only)

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