Programme Manager

for PPRE

Herena Torio
Tel: +49-441-798-3212

for EMRE

Robin Knecht
Tel: +49-441-798-3212
Email: robdzodin.knecht@uxqqol.dmu4/ezassr

for REO

Andreas Günther
Tel: +49-441-798-3338
Email: reo@uol.debkm


Programme Coordinator
for the Study Programmes PPRE and EUREC

Edu Knagge
Tel: +49-441-798-3544
Fax: +49-441-798-3990
Email: ppbfb/re@uttol.dee3

"Minigrid and Hybrid Systems" - Energy and Sustainable Development Yearbook 2014 is out!

We are pleased to announce that our yearly Energy and Sustainable Development Yearbook in collaboration with the Masters Programme in Energy and Environmental Management (EEM) can be found in our publictations seciton!

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