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13th Compact Biogas Workshop at University of Oldenburg

Mass Dissemination of Domestic Biodigesters in Developing Countries. 4th -7th July 2018.

Practical test “Biogas Stove efficiency” at the courtyard of the Energy Laboratory.

Practical test “Flow and mixing in Biodigesters” at the backyard of the Energy Laboratory.

The excursion to the Biogas Plant Ganderkesee.

The closing cooking event.

Group picture of the participants and the PPRE-Staff.

Mass Dissemination of Domestic Biodigesters in Developing Countries.

4th -7th July 2018

by Olga Belenda Álvarez, Spain (PPRE 2017-2019)

This year the Biogas Compact Workshop was hosted by the University of Oldenburg and organized within the PPRE curriculum in collaboration with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) and promoted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Thus, the Energy Laboratory, its courtyard and backyard served as the seminar rooms for this event which united forty five students from various universities within Germany, from different master programs such as Agricultural Economics (University of Hohenheim), Tropical Forestry Management (TU Dresden) and Energy and Environmental Management in Developing countries (University of Flensburg). The Biogas workshop has kept its annual international diversity, attracting people from all over the world including people from Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, UK and El Salvador.

The topics covered include a theoretical session in biochemical processes in a biodigester, its technical aspects and appliances and their use as a fertilizer. Also, the mass dissemination models SNV implements for the development of the biodigester sector, as economic and financial value propositions, particularly for the Kenyan case, impact on climate change and carbon financing were enclosed. All this based on twenty five years of experience from the professionals working at SNV, Netherlands. The schedule was divided into introductory sessions, practical labs, interactive software training, an excursion to a biogas plant and get-together activities.

Finally, the workshop ended with a cooking event where the PPRE-Staff cooked international food for everyone. This was a great opportunity to discuss common topics of interest for the participant´s from different points of view, thanks to their different backgrounds. Moreover, it helped to extend participant’s networks and reinforces contact with the organizations involved.

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