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PPRE (Plenty of People with Running Energy) Students at Oldenburg Marathon 2013

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On the 27th of October 2013 two multicultural and multicoloured relays of the PPRE team participated in the Oldenburg Marathon. The 42 km were split into 8 km (first and third runner) and 13 km (second and fourth runner). In spite of rain (poor fourth runners!) and wind (about 300 km/h), all runners are very proud of their performance and it was a very nice day we spent together. Young and differently-young spectators accompanied the bold runners with their excitement along the whole track and welcomed their effort at the transition zones. All together, the teams challenged the adversities and arrived victoriously at the finish line, where tasty, fatty and abundant trays of "Köstlichkeiten" were waiting for them. All the runners are looking forward to the next exciting team activity!
The PPRE-Senior Team consisted of: A. Jimenez , A. Ballerin, N. Preissler (all PPRE 12/14) and Michael Golba (Head of PPRE).
The PPRE-Junior Team consisted of: R. Herrera, P. Ayala, B. Palleske and G. Aluru (all PPRE 13/15)

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