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Pre-Article about PPRE Excursion 2019

During 10 days in July the current batch of PPRE students will embark on an excursion which is part of their current curriculum and is organized by themselves (under the all-seeing eye of Mr. Holtorf and the endless cautious management of Ms. Schwerz).

by Majd Nasr & Claus Steinenböhmer on behalf of Luis Alejandro Reyes Martinez, Anna von Brandis and Jiope Herman - The Press & Communications Team

During 10 days in July, the current batch of PPRE students will embark on an excursion which is part of their current curriculum and is organized by themselves (under the all-seeing eye of Mr. Holtorf and the endless cautious management of Ms. Schwerz). As such, they communicated with different companies of interest and which they thought were relevant to their studies. The table below shows the dates at which the visits will take place, the location of the relevant visit as well as the motivation for such a choice. In addition, transport to different locations, accommodation, funding, etc. were all arranged by different groups of students, requiring cooperation between the parties in order to have a smooth running excursion.

As part of the module “Renewable Energy Project” for the winter semester of 2019/2020, which also involves a case study, the students had to select different research institutes and companies all over Germany. All these relate to renewable energies and sustainability in different ways, giving students a glimpse of the wide spectrum of possibilities the industry covers. The chance to see first-hand the practical side of the studies that are currently undertaken at the now legendary Energielabor, as well as all the research being poured into daily applications, will be invaluable. The lessons learnt from research institutes and companies which work in the field can be of great assistance to the students.

Furthermore, the Press & Communications Team has organized questions which are considered to be important and to which we think the experts can give insight. Keep an eye out for the upcoming full article, which will include some of the answers to the questions proposed as well as highlights from the company visits in the next PPRE Newsletter!

The motivation for this excursion goes beyond sightseeing as the students prepare to become professionals of the renewable energy industry. Moreover, since the winter semester is the last standard teaching period before Final Theses begin being prepared, the company visits can help narrow down on possible research topics. The chance to ask questions to experts in the field can really help at times when the pressure is on.

On another note, this excursion will not only include students from the Master course mentioned above, but also exchange students from Argentina and Australia as well as students from the M.Sc. Physics and apprentices from the Mechanical and Electrical workshop, all situated at the University of Oldenburg. To add to the mix of learning possibilities, the current cohort of students comes from 18 different countries and 5 continents. Together, with different cultural backgrounds and professional experiences, as well as the common interest in renewable energies and sustainability, they are prepared for an unforgettable experience which will be highlighted by a sightseeing tour around Freiburg as well as a hike to a Mountain Hut and a visit to a lead mine.



Company/Research Institute






Visit a leading company in the development of energy storage systems and battery recycling.


Wuppertal Institute


Leading research institute which covers sustainability issues from technical, social and political perspectives.


Designetz Project


Experience the application of batteries for energy storage at the distribution level.




Gain socio-technical insights into the different perspectives of the energy transition


Fraunhofer ISE


Visit the largest solar energy research institute in Europe.

PPRE 18.20 excursion plan with the timeline and the motivation

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