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PPRE Newsletter 2015 - Issue 35
PPRE-News - October 2015 / Vol. 33

Dear Reader,

herewith you receive the PPRE-Newsletter with news from University of Oldenburg, its international Postgraduate Programmes Renewable Energy (MSc, PhD) and most important contributions from our present & former students. While former PPRE-staff members Udo Kulschewski and Dr. Konrad Blum are carefully studying and obviously enjoying the last print-version of the PPRE-Alumni newsletter, we have decided to change its format for the new digital age. We hope you enjoy this 1st PPRE-Alumni-News in new web format are looking forward to your reports, news, criticism, etc.!

Stay tuned and REgards from Oldenburg
Edu Knagge

News from Oldenburg

Graduation Ceremony

Edu Knagge

Read about the Graduation of the PPRE 2013-15 and EUREC 2013-14 class.

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New Dashboard at E-Lab

In front of the seminar room of the Energy-Lab we have now installed a new Dashboard which displays the performance of the PV plant on the south facade which is currently feeding into the grid. Additionally the Dashboard keeps the students informed about their next lectures and other developments. If you're curious about how one of the oldest still running PV power plants is performing follow the link, though please note, that the presentation has currently only been optimized for the screen resolution of the Dashboard at the Energy-Lab.

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Electro Mobility Workshop and Conference

Read about the summer school and conference on the question "How Efficient is Electro Mobility?" (Announcement and pictures here) which took place from 1 June until 5 June 2015

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IPID4All - International Doctorates in Germany - kick-off event on 21 April 2015

IPID4all - Mobile Doctorates in System Integration of Renewable Energy provides students and researchers with the possibility of participating in international research exchanges. Read about the Kick Off Event earlier this year.

Visit the website »

Visit the website of the PhD Programme Renewable Energy for more information about funding possibilities for students and researchers through IPID4all here »

Renewable Energy for Sustainability Workshop

Karun Yarlagadda, India - PPRE 2013-15

Read about the Millenium Express Conference, a conference planned and organized by students from the PPRE and Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM) with the focus on Sustainability.

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New Workshops in the PPRE curriculum

Edu Knagge & Hans Holtorf

The PPRE is now offering together with the Faculty V of the University of Oldenburg new soft skills courses.

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PPRE-Challenge 2015

Nasreldin Mohamed, ENTER COUNTRY, PPRE 2014-16

Read about our annual PPRE-Challenge. Staff and lecturers versus the students!

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Biogas-Workshop 2015

Edu Knagge

This year we held again our yearly Biogas-Workshop and it was a real success! Students from the PPRE, the University of Oldenburg, officials from governmental institutions and professionals from the industry worked together during the three days lasting workshop.

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PPRE Case Study Workshop 2015 at HWK

From July 9th to July 12th thirty international students from University of Oldenburg and University of Twente conducted a workshop on "Sustainable Solar Home Systems for the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals".

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PPRE Final Excursion 2015

Paula Nardone and Alejandro Nitto, Argentinia - PPRE 2014-16

Like every year our PPRE students went on their final excursion in August. Read more about their travel through Germany and the companies they have visited.

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Higher Education for Renewable Energy in Africa

Michael Golba

PPRE-Staff (namely Michael Golba and Andreas Guenther) are the main authors of a recent study published on higher education for renewable energy in Africa, which is part of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP). The study summarises the status of higher education for renewables in Africa, highlights ongoing initiatives and programmes, as well as identifies key areas for potential support interventions.
Moreover, a Renewable Energy Curriculum Model was developed through the study. The model conceptualises a renewable energy master's programme, drawn from the European Higher Education System and taking into account African particularities including human, technical and financial resources. It can support African universities with adapting their existing master's programmes to the ever-changing environment of renewable energies and it provides a framework giving guidance when establishing new programmes

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Experience Reports

FOSS research institute, University of Cyprus

Farhan Ahmed, Pakistan PPRE - 2014-16

Read the full article (PDF 76 KB) »

EUREC-Specialisation Perpignan

Amr Kamal, Egypt - EUREC 2014-15

Read the full article (PDF 290 KB) »

40 MW Photovoltaic project site visit in Kenya

George Aluru, Kenya - PPRE 2013-15

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All MSc-projects from PPRE and EUREC students written in 2014/15

Read the list (PDF 84 KB) »

An innovative approach to optimise the output of BIPV systems in urban environments

Salim Bouziri, Algeria - EUREC 2012-14

Read the full article (PDF 298 KB) »

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Battery Storage Systems for Stationary Applications

Mitavachan Hiremath, India - PPRE 2012-14

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PhDs of alumni

Blending of Biomass for improvement of combustion efficiency in rankine based biomass power plant

Samudragupta Ashok Patil, India - PPRE 1998-99

Read the abstract (PDF 7.5 KB) »

Modeling and Utilizing a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Easier Grid and Market Integration of Wind Power

Burak Turker, Turkey - PPRE 2006-08

Read the full abstract (PDF 145 KB) »

Development of photovoltaic devices for use in agriculture

Dr. Asliddin Komilov, Uzbekistan - PPRE 2001-02

The thesis work combined assessment of the energy demand in agriculture and distinguishing the best fitting renewable energy technology for its supply. The first part of the thesis is focused on determining the existing challenges and setting goals of the research. The second part of the work is dedicated to a survey of existing photovoltaic thermal devices and their application in order to recognize their disadvantages and develop a better model. The third part of the work focused on developing of a prototype single channel photovoltaic thermal device and evaluation methods for experiments. In the final fourth part of the thesis I have summarized my findings and presented recommendation for designing, manufacturing and exploitation regimes of the developed photovoltaic-thermal device.

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Farmer's Electrification Needs in Rural Off-Grid Ethiopia

Bernhard Gläser, Germany - PPRE 1999/2000

In rural off-grid Ethiopia, the electrification needs and demands of farmers have been observed with the aim of understanding their role in improving living standards. Solar Home Systems (SHS) have been installed and their social impact on farmers has been closely monitored.

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Innovative Business Models and Financing Mechanisms for PV Deployment in Emerging Regions

Ulrike Jahn, Germany - PPRE 1989-90

Like other renewable energy technologies, photovoltaic (PV) systems face the problem of high upfront costs. This problem is particularly pronounced in emerging economies where limited purchasing power and a lack of suitable financial products constitute additional obstacles for a broader dissemination of PV technology.

Read the full article (PDF 1.2 MB) »

Research Project PVKLIMA TÜV Rheinland

Ulrike Jahn, Germany - PPRE 1989-90

Cologne, June 13, 2013. A research project stretching over several years is looking into the energy yield of thin-film solar modules for electricity generation in different climatic regions around the world.

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Research Stay at Next Energy Institute in Oldenburg

Asliddin Komilov, Uzbekistan - PPRE 2001-02

The present project proposes to make major improvement in the performance of photovoltaic solar power generation equipment in order to increase the economical competitiveness of solar electricity generation to enable the technology to provide affordable electricity and thermal energy.

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International DAAD-Alumni Seminar & Intersolar 2015

Mitavachan Hiremath, India - PPRE 2012-14

The DAAD organized 2 alumni seminar series this summer; one starting from Witzenhausen (University of Kassel) & the other from Cottbus (BTU Cottbus). I got a chance to attend the seminar series on "Applied Solar Technology in Developing Countries" (June 2 - June 9 2015) organized at Witzenhausen.

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Alumni Gatherings & Visits

Edu Knagge

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Wycliff Jagwe, Uganda - PPRE 2005-07

Aster-Integral Private Limited is a privately owned, limited company based in Kampala, Uganda offering specialized services in the fields of planning, economics, engineering, architecture-building services and environmental management.

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ABROS green GmbH

Amjad Ajoubi, Syria - EUREC 2011-12

ABROS green GmbH ABROS green GmbH was founded in Germany, to assist the world's transition to a sustainable energy future, and to put our knowledge and expertise in service for the poor.

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Oliver Risse, Germany - PPRE 2000-01

Floatility is the easiest and most convenient short distance urban mobility solution.

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Infinite fingers

Roy Emmerich, South Africa - EUREC 2008-09

After working at Fraunhofer Institute of Wind Energy Systems (IWES) in Kassel for about 6 years, Roy is concentrating 100% of his time on the development of his own business, namely developing a universal data logger/controller, platform as a service, optimised for off-grid systems.

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Omar Gammoh, Jordan - EUREC 2008-09

Omar Gammoh founded ESIBHA in 2014, a website for people to know how much they could save with RE&EE systems. It’s still in preliminary status (ready for photovoltaics in Jordan only), but expansion to other countries and other technologies is planned.

Visit the website »

New Energy Nation

Antonio Antonopolous, Canada - EUREC 2005-06

Antonio Antonopolous launched a new blog, New Energy Nation, which is not a commercial site, but rather meant to provide commentary on renewable energy policy, finance and technology, and also explore related issues, e.g. climate change. While it is geared for energy professionals, it is also for ordinary people interested in energy and sustainability. Antonio hopes that it can grow to include more authors -- if you are interested in participating, please let him know! To follow updates, you can sign up for the mailing list on the website.

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François Veynandt, France - EUREC 2007-08

François Veynandt is the co-founder of Compadre in Peru, a local start-up, which allows small coffee growers to roast themselves their coffee with solar energy. In the University PUCP („Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru“) they developed a Scheffler-based solar coffee roaster. The technology is brought to the farmer, from whom they buy coffee „solar roasted by the farmer“. Compadre has been selected for the startup event Hello Tomorrow, which was awarded in June 2015 in Paris, France.

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Publications / Press releases

YEARBOOK 2014 - Energy for Sustainable Development

The present Yearbook of Master Theses from the two sister programmes Energy and Environmental Management at Europa-Universitaet Flensburg and Postgraduate Programme of Renewable Energy at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is the third in a publication series, which addresses issues of sustainable energy systems from a development-oriented, interdisciplinary approach originating in the technical sciences.

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Contribution of the Mexican Energy Reform to Renewable Energies

Orlando Lucero, Mexico - PPRE 2013-15

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