PPRE Newsletter - Volume 34

PPRE Newsletter - Volume 34

PPRE Newsletter 2016 - Issue 34

PPRE-News - March 2016 / Vol. 34

Dear Reader,

we hope you had a smooth start into the year 2016 and will enjoy these news from University of Oldenburg, its international Postgraduate Programmes Renewable Energy (MSc, PhD) and most importantly the contributions from our graduates & students. As usual we are looking forward to receive reports about your projects and experience gained.

Stay tuned and REgards from Oldenburg
Edu Knagge

News from Oldenburg

New PPRE 2015/17 and EUREC 2015/16 Master Students at E-labor

October 2015

Workshop on Future Renewable Energy Programmes:
Competences – Didactics – Curriculum

Dr. Herena Torio (PPRE)

Read about the workshop at the HWK devoted to new teaching concepts, methods and approaches necessary for Renewable Energy Masters Programms.

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New Lecture Hall Building in Wechloy (W32)

Hans Holtorf (PPRE)

On Saturday October 10th 2015 35 PPRE, EUREC and EP students from 21 different countries inaugurated the new 'Experimentierhörsaal Gebäude' at Wechloy Campus.

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How "green" is E-Mobility really?

Sabine Naumann

In June 2015, at the invitation of the University of Oldenburg and the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg, a high-quality, international panel of experts was assembled to discuss the status of development in the field of e-mobility and the current problems faced.

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WSIRE 2015 - Third Workshop on System Integration of Renewable Energy

Decreasing natural energy resources, the reduction of emissions, the global climate change, and rising energy costs are important reasons for the extension of renewable energy resources.

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Renewable Energy Career Day 2015

Karun Yarlagadda, India - PPRE 2013-15

On 6th November 2015, Renewable Energy (RE) Career Day event has been organized for over 50 international students of the programme's: SEE, PPRE and EUREC of the University of Oldenburg.

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Experience Reports

Work Experiences from the Field of Rural Energy Supply

Claudia Braden, Germany - PPRE 2010-12

Mobisol is a young but fast growing solar home system company, operating in East Africa. The company with headquarters in Berlin so far installed 30,000 Solar Home Systems in Tanzania (since 2013) and Rwanda (since 2015).

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Going Back to the Roots...Experiences and Lessons Learnt in Oldenburg

Karun Yarlagadda, Germany - PPRE 2013-15

From my early days in bachelors until recently, I was living with the belief and thought that the energy (electricity and fossil fuel for transportation) is the most essential commodity/service to develop the developing world.

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My Semester Abroad: Experience at NTUA, Athens, Greece

Mishra Dishant, India - EUREC 2014-15

Being an international student at University of Oldenburg, I had already had much impact on me coming from India to learn renewable energy of the rich European culture. By the time I was about to move to NTUA Athens in the month of February 2015, it was an exciting time for me to now shift from the helm of Western Europe to far South East to witness the most ancient European cornerstone.

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My Semester Abroad: Experience at PROMES Laboratory, Perpignan University

Jorge Lezaca, Colombia - EUREC 2014-15

The PROMES laboratory is located in Odeillo in the south of France. In the middle of the Pyrenees it is a very beautiful and natural scenario.

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Oldenburg Marathon 2015

Aldo Leon, Mexico - PPRE 2015-17

The Oldenburg Marathon took four PPRE students on a 42 km trip around Oldenburg. What a great challenge!

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Techno-Economic Study on Indo-German TRIGEN Project

Nurmukhanbetova Karakoz, Kazakhstan - PPRE 2011-13

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Alternative Uses of Waste Heat from Large Scale Biogas Power Plants in Warm Climates

Johnmary Migadde, Uganda - PPRE 2012-14

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Life Cycle Assessment of Conversion Processes for the Large-scale Underground Storage of Electricity from Renewables

Alfonso Arias Pérez, Costa Rica - PPRE 2011-13

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Environmental and Energy System Analysis of Bio-Methane Production Pathways: A Comparison Between Feedstocks and Process Optimizations

Christian van Someren, Canada - PPRE 2012-14

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EUREC MSc-Projects

For more infos about EUREC thesis projects please visit our website.

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PhDs of Alumni - Ongoing

Climatology of the Aerosol Distribution in the Boundary Layer for Solar Energy Applications

Diana Rocio Mancera Guevara, Colombia - PPRE 2010-12

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Decentralized Renewable Energy and its Synergies with Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus in India

Varun Gaur, India - PPRE 2011-13

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Combining Flexible Biogas and a PV System to Answer Fluctuating Load Demand Through a Virtual Power Plant

Dodiek Ika Candra, Indonesia - PPRE 2011-13

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PhDs of Alumni - Recently Finished

Numerical Analysis of Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

Iván Herráez, Spain - PPRE 2005-07

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Current and Former PPRE/EUREC Students Meet at an Off-Grid Workshop in Memmingen/Germany

Russom Semere, Eritrea - PPRE 2008/10

"The world speaks Off-Grid" was the motto of this year's "Off-Grid Experts Workshop", which is organized every two years by a system integrator company Phaesun GmbH in the southern part of Germany, Memmingen.

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680kwp Hybrid Solar-PV at Bugala Island, Lake Victora, Uganda

Jagwe Wyclif, Uganda - PPRE 2005-07

The project was first conceived in year 2006 by an investment company Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited, when Wycliff was studying his master’s degree at Uni-Oldenburg. During his industrial training, he travelled back to Uganda, and was part of the team of engineers (Uganda and Norway) who carried out the pre-feasibility, and later a full feasibility in year 2007 (after graduation).

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Promoting Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) in Ghana - A Case Study

Seth Agbeve Mahu, Ghana - PPRE 2005-07

The Ghana Energy Development & Access Project (GEDAP), is a multi-donor funded project with the objective to improve the operational efficiency of the electricity distribution system and increase the population’s access to electricity and to support Ghana’s transition to a low-carbon economy through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Passive House Project in Fort St. Johns, Canada

Martin Paradine, Canada - PPRE 2008-10

The city of Fort St. Johns embarked on a project to prove the energy efficiency of houses. Martin Paradine (PPRE 2008-10) is involved in this project.

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Alumni Gatherings

PPRE and EUREC alumni can rely on a vast network of equally minded graduates all over the world. No wonder they happen to meet other alumnis at conferences. Some alumni sent us pictures of their happy meetings.

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Start-ups, Innovations and Initiatives

New Invention of Hydro Water Pump Presented at iENA 2015

Mohammad Mahdi, Afghanistan - PPRE 2013-15

On 27 November 2015 the international trade fair for “Ideas – Inventions – New Products” brought inventors from all over the world to Nuremberg for four days. Mohammad Mahdi, as part of Afghanistan Inventors Association, presented his unique invention called Blue Boat.

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Antonio Antonopoulos, Canada - PPRE 2005-06

ISLA POWER is a new venture developing and financing solar and islanded power systems launched by Antonio Antonopoulos, Canada (EUREC 2005/06) and his partners in late 2015. The company is developing both grid-connected and grid-independent renewable energy projects, in particular solar PV, hybrid energy systems, energy storage, and mini-grids. In addition to their own development, they are also assisting local project developers to access global equity and debt financing.

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François Veynandt, France - EUREC 2007-08

POC21 is an international innovation community, that started as an innovation camp. Their goal is to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society and to overcome the destructive consumer culture and make open-source, sustainable products the new normal. Their latest innovation camp enabled them to build and test the first open source linear Fresnel solar concentrator. The plans (in French) are available to anyone to replicate, improve or adapt it to ones usage (the English version is under publication).

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Run 4 Your Life Experience

Luis Rivera, Mexico - PPRE 2015-17

PPRE student Luis Rivera took part in "Run for your life", a relay race across Northern Europe to promote climate justice and a sustainable future. The race started in the Arctic region and ended in Paris at the climate conference COP21.

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Ecosia - The Search Engine That Plants Trees

Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue.So far they have planted more than 3 million trees around the world and generated over 2.5 million Euros for forestry programs.

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Feedback on the new PPRE Newsletter

These RE publications always bring alive the Oldenburg memories and strengthen the network of renewable in the world for all alumni. Thanks a lot!
(Wycliffe Jagwe, Uganda)

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Anecdote from Oldenburg

Communication Technologies

Edu Knagge (PPRE)

At the beginning of winter term 2015/16 during our wind excursion I encouraged the students to send a postcard (which we received from the old windmiller) to their beloved relatives back home. Well, some weeks later one student surprisingly addressed me with the following question: 'Hey Edu! On a completely non-academic topic, you once told us we should send a postcard! I have a few ready to be sent, but how and where I don't know. Where can I buy post stamps and where can I give my post cards to be sent? My reply to him: 'You can find stamps in any Post-Office, from where you can even send your postcards as well. But you may also throw them in any of this funny yellow boxes you find anywhere in the streets after you put the right stamps of course !'
Lessons learnt - 1: Communication definitely changed over the years!
Lessons learnt - 2: I become old!

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