Didactic Workshop 2015, HWK (Delmenhorst)

On September 21-23 we held a workshop at the HWK devoted to new teaching concepts, methods and approaches necessary for Renewable Energy Masters Programms. The workshop seeked to

  • introduce the participating university teachers and young scientists to the debate on the implementation of competence-oriented teaching and participative learning processes and their importance for RE students and professionals
  • support a discussion on the field of “Education for Sustainable Development”: Do we address a person or the society?
  • promote the exchange of competences and experience amongst the participants of the workshop through common debates throughout four thematic sessions (Collaborative learning, Inquiry-based learning, Blended-learning laboratory approaches and Curriculum)
  • make visible challenges and benefits within participative teaching concepts.

To round the program, and help us see teaching and learning in a different context the Theater Assamblage from the Bremen University held the performance "C Copy A encripted".
Around 25  participants and speakers (from University of Maastricht (the Netherlands), Aalto University (Finnland), Leuphana University, University of Stuttgart, Wupperthal Institute,  University of Bremen, Murdoch University (Australia), Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and Fraunhofer IFAM Bremen) came to discuss and exchange with us their experiences and views on the higher education teaching field. We had lively and fruitful discussions addressing many different aspects of participative teaching concepts: from the fear of the teachers not to get the content "transmitted" to the students in such approaches, to the motivating and empowering view of experts and colleagues implementing these approaches.

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