Claudia Braden

Claudia Braden

Work Experiences from the Field of Rural Energy Supply

By Claudia Braden, Germany (PPRE 2010/12)


Mobisol is a young but fast growing solar home system company, operating in East Africa. The company with headquarters in Berlin so far installed 30,000 SHS in Tanzania (since 2013) and Rwanda (since 2015).

The Mobisol offer is a combination of solar energy with an affordable monthly payment plan via mobile phone, comprehensive customer service and innovative remote monitoring technology: Clients who currently pay off the monthly instalments using their mobile phones, will fully own their personal electricity source within three years. During that time they can call the Mobisol Customer Service hotline, who can track their system through the Mobisol database and give system specific advice. In case of technical problems the customer gets visited by a local Mobisol technician.

Solar Home Systems come in varying sizes from 80 to 200 Wp to power lights, radios, mobile phones, solar TVs and other appliances depending on the different household needs. The larger systems can also power small business enabling devices like multi phones chargers or solar saloons.

While within Mobisol most of the hard- and software system development happens in Berlin, the operation takes place in the subsidiaries in Tanzania and Rwanda. Besides assembly, distribution and sale, this also includes the training of new solar technicians, sales people and operators for the local distribution and sales hubs.

My work as a Project Coordinator and later on Project Manager at Mobisol has been based in Arusha, Tanzania. My areas of work ranged from assisting various departments throughout the scale-up phase, process improvement and documentation, and the coordination of new product introductions into the Tanzanian solar market. It has been an exciting time seeing a promising business model grow and working in a motivated team!

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Samoa Biogas Systems

From Tanzania my next job opportunity took me into the Pacific Island of Samoa.

For one year I will provide technical assistance to a small household and community focused bioenergy company. Samoa Biogas Systems is implementing climate change mitigation projects, ranging from household and community size biogas digesters, public sanitation systems, to small agribusiness projects using innovative technologies and energy advise to the tourism sector.

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Claudia Braden

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