Mishra Dishant

Mishra Dishant

My Experience at NTUA, Athens, Greece

by Mishra Dishant (PPRE-EUREC 2014/15)

I am going through the EUREC Masters Program on Renewable Energy which is a three semester study conducted over two universities one as core and other as specialisation followed by internship in third. For my Masters, University of Oldenburg provided the core semester, subsequent to which I were to move for my specialisation to National Technical University of Athens.

I came to know of the ERASMUS scholarship while being in Oldenburg from university staff and was interested to apply for the same. Since many of my class fellows were to take foreign semester (as the design of the program) and were interested to apply, it indeed eased out the effort collectively. Subsequently the departmental coordinator was even more helpful to facilitate our applications in time. My scholarship was confirmed before my departure.     

Being an International student at University of Oldenburg, I had already had much impact on me coming from India to learn renewable energy of the rich European culture, by the time I was about to move to NTUA Athens in the month of February 2015, it was an exciting time for me to now shift from the helm of western Europe to far south east to witness the most ancient European cornerstone.

I took a flight from Hamburg to Athens in the first week of February, Athens is a city filled with mountains, it is highly appealing and an introduction to the rich Greek heritage, which is visible from the ancient monuments and structure to contemporary architecture. Some of Market places would resemble of middle-eastern style and lush cuisine are few key attraction for an outsider.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is among the oldest institution of higher technical education in Greece, it newer campus is situated in the suburbs of zografou which host large modern facilities for technical education apart other contemporaries for university studies.

My accommodation was arranged by university, it was a shared private apartment situated near the campus, I got company from one of my classmate from Oldenburg who was like me was visiting NTUA for specialisation. With walking distance to campus it was always a fun to reach our class through the walk. The campus hosts a large canteen/cafeteria to offer meals to students which was always fun to catch up with other student during the lunch. Students at campus organise various set of activities however knowledge of Greek is almost necessitated, since our program was is English, we lacked the language skill for which special classes are offered by the university to learn Greek although it became difficult in the latter part of the semester to catch up on account of time constrain.

The teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced, it is indeed such a pleasure to attend their lecture and learn from their wide experience and style. The specialisation is highly technical and its takes high degree of effort of the professors to create and freeze the advance understanding of this subject. The experience of learning in the university is highly enriching and interesting.      

It’s just now classroom where I learnt in NTUA, various interesting activities always encouraged student to applying knowledge and regaining further understanding of the specialisation. Once such activity was to design our own small wind turbine to compete as team of two against each other in class to pick up a small load over a distance. I have provided the picture of same below:


The learning experience at NTUA is filled with many other high valued assignment which was always fun and enjoyable. Professors at university are very helpful and friendly which add on to that, I can very well recall my experience of playing football and having lunch together after such activities. 

In conclusion my the experience remained a very valuable one, and I would recommend for all those who wish to seek opportunity to come to NTUA, should put in their hand to go for it.


  • Do check out so many awesome places with represent ancient Greek history from Acropolis of Athens to Temple of Hephaestus.
  • EURSMUS Student Network (ESN) at Athens organise many excursions to various interesting places in Greece in reasonable cost, do take a membership card to join them.
  • Greek cuisine is very rich and appealing, there are many good restaurants in the vicinity of zagrafou campus


  • There is a unified ticketing system in public transport of Athens, always check out on the time and requisite amount of ticket to be punched to travel that mode.


Mishra Dishant

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