Thank you for the feedback on the PPRE newsletter.

These RE publications always bring alive the Oldenburg memories and strengthen the network of renewable in the world for all alumni. Thanks a lot!
Wycliffe Jagwe, Uganda

I am really happy to see the new format. It is perfectly designed and functioning well from my point of view.
Mohamed Mamdouh Elkadragy, Egypt

Congratulations of the PPRE Newsletter. I say I am nostalgic not to get the Newsletter on paper, but we have to go with the technology, and think of the many trees we save (Do you have some study on this?)Hope it will not turn out as the case with the photos, that you have a whole lot of them in digital format but you never look at them, while having them on paper allows for bringing back the good memories...Best regards and thanks for keeping the PPRE spirit alive!!
Santiago Sanchez, Ecuador

The Worldwide network of Alumni built across will surely scale up the realisation of Renewable energy sector in the entire Energy targets of all nations. Kindly continue to keep us in the light and state of the art in research, training by short courses or even the new programmes of PhD, etc. E-learning can be one way of enabling many of us to keep up with the developments.
Patrick Mugisha, Uganda



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