Huntekraftwerk Excursion

On Friday early morning November 27th 2015 forty PPRE, EUREC, Engineering Physics, Sustainability, Economics and Management as well as Water and Coastal Management students cycled to the Huntekraftwerk in Oldenburg. It was the first day of icy roads in Oldenburg and unfortunately most of us tumbled off the bicycles on our way. However, we arrived safe and sound.

At the Huntekraftwerk we received deep insights in to hydropower technology from Mr. Grünheim, EWE (Energieversorgung Weser Ems). Mrs. Karrasch from Water and Coastal Management Master Programme at University of Oldenburg explained issues of upstream and downstream challenges of hydropower systems. This was a unique introduction in to the hydropower lectures starting on  Tuesday, December 1st 2015.

We would like to thank Mrs. Karrasch and Mr. Grünheim for their efforts which have made this Friday an exciting day.

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