First PPRE Modelling Workshop

On December 5th the first PPRE modelling workshop was held. The main goal was to provide a sound overview on different modelling approaches and tools available for different research questions related to renewable energy and environmental systems.

In the workshop three main modelling and simulation approaches and tools were presented. Panel lectures from experts in the different fields showed the modelling process, structure and approach used for modelling

  • environmental modelling,
  • system integration and grid management issues and
  • socio-technical energy scenarios.

Panel lectures on different modelling approaches provided a sound overview and insight on state of the art modelling methods, their main goals and background.

Hands-on workshop sessions followed the lectures, giving the students the possibility of gaining applied knowledge on the presented modelling approaches.

Around 50 participants, including PhD students, Master students and people from the industry attended the lively and interesting workshop.

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