Inauguration of new experimental lecture hall building at Wechloy campus

On Saturday October 10th  35 PPRE, EUREC and EP students from 21 different countries inaugurated the new 'Experimentierhörsaal Gebäude' at Wechloy Campus. The first lecture (Renewable Energy Basics) was held from 10am to 6pm in high spirits.

The 'Experimentierhörsaal Gebäude' supplies a modern environment for multiple types of lecturing formats. The building was finalized just in time for the start of the new semester. We would like to express thanks to all the people involved in the establishment of this cosy place.

The building was specially designed for students from all natural science disciplines. It consists of a modern, multi-media lecture hall with a capacity of 190 persons, who can study experimental set-ups during class. Additionally there are different preparation, seminar and lab rooms in the two- story building with a total area of 1.100 m2. Overall costs of the energy-efficient and sustainable building: 5,5 Million Euro.

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