PPRE Newsletter - Volume 35

PPRE Newsletter - Volume 35

PPRE Newsletter 2016 - Issue 35

PPRE-News - October 2016 / Vol. 35

Dear Reader,

"The Ars Legendi Award 2016 goes to .... PPRE!"

The announcement of one of the most prestigious awards for education in Germany came rather late and therefore we postponed the release of this newsletter from University of Oldenburg and its Postgraduate Programmes Renewable Energy (PPRE) a bit. The award is also a big ‘Thank you!’ to our international network, namely you! Please also enjoy other news and reports from Oldenburg, our international partners and most important our students and alumni. As usual we are looking forward to receive reports about your projects and experience gained for our next newsletter latest by February 2017.

Stay tuned and REgards from Oldenburg
The PPRE Team

News from Oldenburg

Ars Legendi Prize 2016 for PPRE

Hans Holtorf

PPRE won this years Ars Legendi Prize. The prize is one of the most prestigious prizes for education in Germany. It is awarded by the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz and the Stifterverband. This year the best approach to diversity related teaching and learning was awarded.

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Renewable Energy Online (REO) – New Name and New Ideas

REO Team

Several online certificate programmes will be offered under the umbrella of our new name "Renewable Energy Online" (REO). The first courses will start in April 2017.

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New WindLab Building at Wechloy Campus

Edu Knagge & Grit Schürmann, PPRE

In the new WindLab, scientists investigate the interaction of turbulent atmospheric currents with wind-energy-systems — thus of wind parks, wind turbines and their components.

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Graduation Ceremony

Hans Holtorf, PPRE

On 30.3.2016 thirty PPRE and EUREC students celebrated their graduation ceremony. They received warm welcome words from Prof. Holthaus, vice president of our university, from Prof. Agert, one of their professors and from Dr. Knecht, the head of the lab courses within the PPRE/EUREC programmes.

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The PPRE F.A.R.M. - 2016 update

Binita Shrestha, Nepal - PPRE 2013-15

In the spring of 2014, a group of 9 fresh PPRE graduates started the PPRE FARM in a small piece of land behind the Energy-Lab building to experiment growing food. For a lot of us it was the first time to grow any kind of plants, so it was a real challenge. Our main objective was to grow food without the conventional methods, in which fertilizers and pesticides are used.

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PRES 2016: Performance of Renewable Energy Systems Conference

Robin Knecht, PPRE

On July 7th the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy held its annual student conference on the Performance of Renewable Energy Systems as part of the summer laboratories.

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PPRE Excursion 2016

Aldo Leon, Mexico - PPRE 2015-17

On the week from July 18th to July 24th 2016, PPRE 15/17 students along with two PPRE teachers embarked on an adventure that took them to different locations within Germany with the sole purpose of seeing real-life applications of different types of renewable energies and with that, expand their knowledge acquired in the classrooms and labs.

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PPRE Challenge 2016

Babak Ravanbakhsh, US - EUREC 2015-17

At this years PPRE Challenge, professors managed to defeat students in back to back challenges relying on their sheer determination and experience in an entertaining afternoon.

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Biogas-Workshop 2016

Azin Ghabelrahmat, Workshop Participant

The Biogas workshop’s objective was to intensively exchange knowledge and experience between practitioners, experts and policy makers on the dissemination of domestic biogas plants. The core question of the workshop was: “How to improve and scale up practices?“

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Columbian Students Visiting Oldenburg

Monica Gutierrez, Colombia - PPRE 2015-17

On May 6th of 2016, 11 students from Colombia visited Oldenburg with the aim of approaching to the research activities being held at the University of Oldenburg and its associated institutions.

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New PPRE Colloquium Initiated

Hans Holtorf, PPRE

PPRE students launched a colloquium on 8.4.16 which will take place on Fridays from 16hrs to 18hrs. Their first guests were Dr. E. Wieben and M. Merkel MBA.

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Visit the website of the PhD Programme Renewable Energy for more information about funding possibilities for students and researchers through IPID4all here »

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Experience Reports

Professional Experience Gained in German PV Company

Salim Bouziri, Algeria - EUREC 2013-14

My graduation from the EUREC Master’s degree and one year experience in the solar sector in Switzerland allowed me to gain a step further in acquiring more perspectives within the field of PV and since January 2016, I’m part of the Integral Planning team at Goldbeck Solar GmbH, based in Hirschberg, Germany.

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DAAD Networking Meeting

Carlos Girón, Guatemala - PPRE 2015-17

The 17th networking meeting between DAAD scholars for postgrads students took place in Bonn from 21-22 April. The main topic was returning challenges (first day) and getting prepared for going back home (second day).

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My Semester Abroad: Experience at NTUA, Athens, Greece

Davrell Bhola, Grenada - EUREC 2015-16)

February 7th 2016. Some cloud and a beautiful coastline, and the many solar panels that lined the runway as I touched down at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in my British Airways flight from Hamburg via London Heathrow.

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My Semester Abroad: Experience at PROMES Laboratory, Perpignan University

Ledio Kosta, Albania - EUREC 2015-16

The Erasmus experience was special and I advise it to every student. It helps you learn and adapt to new learning methodologies and different approaches towards academic teaching.

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PPRE and EUREC MSc-Projects

For more infos about PPRE and EUREC thesis projects please visit our website.

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PhDs of Alumni - Ongoing

Demand-Side Management in Buildings Clusters

Solène Goy, France - EUREC 2007-08

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Data Driven Fatigue Load Monitoring in a Wind Farm

Luis Vera-Tudela, Peru - PPRE2015-17

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Methodology for Controller Conflict Assessment in Distribution Networks with High Penetration of Decentralized Energy Resources

Jorge Mario Velasquez De la Ossa, Colombia - PPRE 2013-15

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Liquid-Phase Crystallized Silicon Solar Cells on Glass: Interlayer Stacks and High-Temperature Hydrogen Plasma Passivation

Natalie Preissler, Germany - PPRE 2012-14

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Assessing the Impact of Uncertain Climate Change on Hydropower Generation: A Case Study for Ecuador

Pablo E. Carvajal, Ecuador - PPRE 2010-12

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PhDs of Alumni - Recently Finished

Modelling of Success of Rural Electrification through Solar Home Systems in Developing Countriess

Hans Holtorf, Germany - PPRE staff & PPRE 1987-89

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Laser Texturing of Glass Substrates for Light In-Coupling in Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells

Chakanga Kambulakwao, Zambia - PPRE 2008-10

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Intersolar Award 2016 for PPRE-Alumni Shahriar Chowdhury

Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury, Bangladesh - PPRE 2004-06

Shahriar Chowdhury, Director of the Centre for Energy Research, United International University, Bangladesh received the “Intersolar Award 2016” in the category of ”Outstanding solar Projects” in Munich, Germany as the team leader of the research project “Pilot PV DC Peer-to-Peer Smart Village Grid”.

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Progress towards Solar PV Power Generational Goal in Ghana

Mahu Seth Agbeve, Ghana - PPRE 2005-07

In December 2011, Government of Ghana passed the Renewable Energy Law (Act 832). These instruments deepened interest by the private sector to invest in the industry. Within a space of 4 years, over 76 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) applied and were issued with Provisional Licenses by the Energy Commission

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Compadre Story - Solar Roasted Coffee in Rural Peru

François Veynandt, France - EUREC 2007-08

Compadre has been founded by a team of young passionate Peruvians who dedicate themselves to improving the quality of life in their country. They seek and develop solutions for the rural sector.

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Solar Powered Water Pumping System in Ghana

Bernhard Gläser, Germany - PPRE 1999-2000

Technology has improved over the past years and it is now a feasible option to invest in solar powered water pumping systems.

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Start-ups, Innovations and Initiatives

MasterGas - a new start-up

Björn Kuntze, Germany - PPRE 1994-95

From October 2016 on, MasterGas will be focusing on process engineering in the fields of gasification of any kind of biomass and waste as well as gas cleaning and gas use for different purposes.

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The New AGEP Homepage is Online

Prospective and current students from around the world will find all relevant information about the AGEP postgraduate courses, their common events and about living and studying in Germany in a clearly structured and easy to use way. Furthermore the AGEP homepage offers you access to the AGEP group in the Alumniportal Deutschland, the largest online platform for international cooperation.

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AGEP Business Start-up Clinic

Saleem Barkeel, Syria - PPRE 2014-16

Everyone has a dream and maybe an idea for a business project. But how can a person transfer brilliant ideas to the real world and fulfil a dream project? Motivated by finding an answer to this question, I together with some friends went to Leipzig on 1st of July 2016 to participate in Business Start-up Clinic.

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ReadyPay Solar Power – a Lease-To-Own Solar Home System

Varun Parekh, India - EUREC 2010-11

Founded in 2009, Fenix International is a for-profit renewable energy company with offices in Silicon Valley and East Africa. Their flagship product is the ReadyPay Solar Power, an expandable, lease-to-own home solar system.

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Gatherings and Visits

Green Energy Corridors Project, India

PPRE staff participated in the workshop "Challenges and Roadmap to Foster Large Scale RE" which was held in New Dehli, India as part of the Green Energy Corridors project, which is funded by German Federal Ministry BMZ to support Indian drive for grid integration of renewable energy

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Intersolar Europe 2016, Munich

During Intersolar Europe 2016 in Munich some former PPRE and EUREC – Students met to initiate networking.

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4th International Conference on the Development in Renewable Energy Technology (ICDRET 2016)

The fourth International Conference on the Development in Renewable Energy Technology (ICDRET 2016) took place from January 7th to January 9th at the United International University (UIU) in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Research Visit at University of Kassel with DAAD Re-Invitation Program

Erkata Yandri, Indonesia - PPRE 2003-04

As part of his PhD, Erkata Yandri spent a three month research visit at Kassel University.

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Launch of the 1st Energy Magazine ‘Revistaenergia’ in Guatemala

Nancy Chacón, Guatemala - EUREC 2007-09

The magazine will be published quarterly in Spanish language and can be read online

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REN21 / Renewables 2016 - Global Status Report

Contributions from PPRE & EUREC Students

Some EUREC and PPRE students contributed to the newly published "Renewables 2016 Global Status Report" within the scope of their "Country Report Seminar" in Oldenburg.

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Cookbook "Life is Short LET'S EAT - International Cuisine à la PPRE 2016"

As usual the summer outdoor lab was draining the energy of the students this year again. Thankfully one student group prepared wonderful meals every Thursday so that everyone could recharge their batteries. Check out the recipes in the Outdoor-Lab cookbook available as pdf only here!

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Obituary for late Mohamed Ali Hamid and his Family

Dr. Ekkehart Naumann, former managing director of PPRE

In the batch 1992/3 a Sudanese student joint PPRE and was from the beginning one of the very active but decent participants of lectures and showed team work capacity, which made him a well accepted member and friend of his group. His name was Mohamed Ali Hamid.

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