Research Visit at University of Kassel with DAAD Re-Invitation Program

by Erkata Yandri, Indonesia, (PPRE 2003/2004)

From 01.08.2016 to 31.10.2016 Erkata Yandri is doing research in solar sorption cooling under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen at University of Kassel. Actually his stay is financed by the DAAD RE-invitation program, for which Erkata started to prepare the proposal last year (almost 3 months preparation) with submission of the final application (including online application form, proposal, CV, etc.) at the end of November 2015. The positive notification was received on April 2016 only.

His present research will lead to an oral presentation of the results obtained at Eurosun 2016 - Mallorca, Spain. The topic of presentation, which is already accepted by the conference organizers, is: Solar thermal or waste heat for cooling systems in Indonesia - as hybrid liquid desiccant system and vapour compression system (HLDSVCS).

Erkata is presently doing his PhD with respect to “Innovative Research of Solar Thermal Energy System - Applications of Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) and Thermosyphon for Space and Water Heating System assisted with CO2 Heat Pump" at the Solar Energy Research Group - Dept. Vehicle System Engineering, Faculty of Creative Engineering in Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan.

For final completion of his PhD Erkata still needs to complete certain requirements (among others 5 peer review journal papers) – so it’s still in progress.

Actually he is presently working in Indonesia as the lecturer in the graduate program of Renewable Energy, Darma Persada University, Jakarta (privately owned university), which actually is the first graduate master program of renewable energy in Indonesia.

To continue as lecturer in this master program, Erkata needs to complete his PhD-studies soon. Erkata promised to send the full paper of his presentation after finishing the Eurosun 2016.

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