Ars Legendi

Ars Legendi Prize 2016 goes to PPRE

The PPRE programme won this years Ars Legendi Prize. The prize is one of the most prestigious prizes for education in Germany. It is awarded by the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK) and the Stifterverband. This year the best approach to diversity related teaching and learning was awarded.

Three teams proposed PPRE to the HRK for this prize:

  • Current PPRE students, represented by Mónica and Luis
  • External PPRE students, represented by Annika (current architecture student at Jade Hochschule) and Eseoghene (current EUREC student)
  • PPRE Alumni, represented by Bertha (PPRE batch 1992/1993) and by Indradip (PPRE batch 2003/2004).

Plenty of PPRE related persons gave input to the three teams with their personal views and experiences with PPRE.

Prof. Carsten Agert and Dr. Tanja Behrendt submitted an explanatory statement as representatives of the PPRE team, Prof. Andreas Engel supported the application in his capacity as the dean of study affairs of the School of Mathematics and Science. Hans Holtorf coordinated all the inputs and finally on July 13th 2016 a set of documents was submitted to HRK by Prof. Engel. On Monday, September 26th 2016 Prof. Agert was informed that we were selected to be the winners of this prize.

Thanks to all persons who contributed to this application and special thanks to all the people involved to make this programme such a top level project – the alumni, the staff, the students, the teachers (in alphabetical order!) and many others such as DAAD!

For further, detailed information please see

Yours Hans (PPRE 1988/1989)

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