Carlos Giron

DAAD Networking Meeting

by DAAD-scholar Carlos Girón from Guatemala (PPRE 2015/17)

The 17th networking meeting between DAAD scholars for postgrads students took place in Bonn from 21-22 April. The main topic was returning challenges (first day) and getting prepared for going back home (second day).

One of the most common challenges that came out in all the work tables discussions were the employment topic, which for some people the trend was to go for self employment rather than try to find a job (which could be bad paid also).

Also there was a presentation from the Center for International Migration (joint operation of the GIZ and Federal Employment Agency) about their work in the Global Programme Migration for Development, aiming to returning experts with locals employers and supporting business start up in their origin countries, job placement, consultancy and advising. For applying you can register on and check the requirements for each program.

The Alumni Portal was also presented, which is a social network for connecting students in Germany (not only for DAAD) to discuss and share opportunities; at you can sign in. The AGEP group (also in the same alumni portal) which is an email-network with several academic and professional opportunities, was also introduced. And the millennium express media network with tools and activities like the blog “Back Home”, where alumni share their “back home” experiences. Other career opportunities can be found at Millennium Express DAAD facebook page. Also the Millennium Express gives funding for workshops from DAAD students up to 15.000 euros per workshop.

At the end of the meeting a simulation exercise of a professional return was done, where each group represented one country and each individual had one roll like a governmental employer, private company, ngo, counselor, relative and the person who is returning, with the goal to get the best job.

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