Graduation Ceremony 2016

by Hans Holtorf (PPRE)

On 30.3.2016 thirty PPRE and EUREC students celebrated their graduation ceremony. They received warm welcome words from Prof. Holthaus, vice president of our university, from Prof. Agert, one of their professors and from Dr. Knecht, the head of the lab courses within the PPRE/EUREC programmes. Additionally the students enjoyed two beautiful presentations given by their colleagues Nermeen and Aaron who gave an informal retrospective as well as from Gayathri and Fernando who gave a rather formal review of the past 18 months. Nostalgic feelings were  released when all the special moments were referred to by the speakers. Prof. Kühn, director of the institute of physic and Hans handed out the certificates to the students. Finally the PPRE and the EUREC students were invited to join the university alumni network by Aeilt Poppinga.  

Meike and Ben chaired this event in a wonderful way. Many thanks to the graduation ceremony team consisting of Sesilia, Fernando and Saleem who had put a lot of effort in to the preparation of this festive happening. It was the first ceremony where the PPRE/EUREC students wore robes on their graduation. The general feedback from the attendees was summarized by: IT WAS PERFECT!!!

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