Demand-Side Management in Buildings Clusters

Sone Goyqighr (soleh4txvnewsnp.goy@hotmail.com6gl8), France (EUREC 2007/08), PhD at University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland) since 6/2014

The PhD is funded by Marie Curie ITN project entitled "CI-NERGY Smart Cities with Sustainable Energy Systems". Therefore her PhD is part of a larger European project which encompasses other universities, industries and cities.

The aim of the PhD research is to develop a methodology to estimate the potential for energy demand-side management at a large-scale in residential and commercial buildings. The methodology will be tested on several cases studies from the collaborating cities of the project (Vienna and Geneva). Given the scale considered, one of the main challenges is to develop a methodology offering a satisfactory trade-off between accuracy, complexity and computing time.

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