New PPRE-Colloquium Initiated

by Hans Holtorf

PPRE students launched a colloquium on 8.4.16 which will take place on Fridays from 16hrs to 18hrs. Their first guests were Dr. E. Wieben and M. Merkel MBA on 15.04.16. The title of their talk was “Challenges for and technical solutions of smart system operators to further integrate decentralized renewable energy sources in Germany” where they shared deep insights into the efforts made by EWE in order to effectively and economically incorporate renewable energy into their network. Apart from 16 PPRE students another 25 members of Energy and Semiconductor Research Laboratory, ForWind and NEXT ENERGY followed the invitation. It was a perfect start of the PPRE colloquium. Thanks to Mr. Wieben and to Mr. Merkel.

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