Agep Business start-up

AGEP Business Start-up Clinic

by Saleem Barkeel, Syria (PPRE 2014-16)

Everyone has a dream and maybe an idea for a business project. But how can a person transfer brilliant ideas to the real world and fulfil a dream project? Motivated by finding an answer to this question, I together with some friends went to Leipzig on 1st of July 2016 to participate in Business Start-up Clinic, a workshop organized by the SEPT (Small Enterprise Promotion and Training) team from University of Leipzig. Overall 20 international students from all over the world participated in this workshop and, as usual, PPRE and EUREC students had a strong share with 5 participants.

At the beginning of the workshop, we gave a short presentation about our own project ideas. During the presentations, you could feel the high energy in the room and see the participants’ eyes glitter while they presented their dream project. My project was about a website for reconstruction for the household level after the Syrian civil war. The participants came up with different topics from agriculture to energy and service projects.

My PPRE/EUREC colleagues’ project ideas were:

  • “Consultant RE company in India” - Gayathri Prakash, India, Eurec 2014/15
  • “Smashed energy initiatives in Sudan” – Nasreldin Mohamed, Sudan, PPRE 2014-16
  • “PV manufacture company in Guatemala” - Carlos Giron, Guatemala, PPRE 2015-17
  • “Decentralized RE company in India” – Varun Gaur, India, PPRE 2011-13

During the following two days, each person developed his/her idea starting from his/her targeted consumers to a practical business plan with the support of professional coaches. The most valuable thing in my opinion was that I could transfer my project idea on papers and figure out what I have to do to get financial support.

Besides, I got valuable feedback from the other participants and I built a network with colleagues who have similar ideas to mine for more collaboration in the future.

I attended many workshops during my study from the university or through DAAD and I can say that this workshop was a special one and it was very useful to me as a person. In addition to that, it was a lot of fun.

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