MasterGas - a new start-up

by Björn Kuntze, Germany (PPRE 1994/95)

From October 2016 onwards, Björn Kuntze (PPRE 94/95) is going to run his own business, an engineering firm, named MasterGas. His company will be focusing on process engineering in the fields of gasification of any kind of biomass and waste as well as gas cleaning and gas use for different purposes. Besides the generation of power MasterGas will also work on systems for thermochemical conversion of biomass towards specific qualities of charcoal, as well as combinations of material and energy use of biomass and waste.

The first two projects that MasterGas has already under contract are about waste-to-energy gasification (< 1 MWe) in Asia on the one side and integration of an existing gasification system into micro grids on the other.

Besides this, as a party of a cooperation project, MasterGas is doing the process engineering for a small high quality charcoal production plant. This project is intended to be realized in the second half of 2017.

Björn has more than 14 years of experience in gasification and is looking forward to get in touch with other alumni working in the same field.

Contact: Björpz/gn Kuvsrkntzepg (kunt+wifze@bxefmastergab6p3ps.der4q9p)

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