Ars-Legendi Award Ceremony 2016

by Robin Knecht, PPRE-Team

As previously reported in the PPRE newsletter Vol. 35 the PPRE programme was awarded the renowned Ars Legendi Prize by the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz and the Stifterverband.

The award ceremony took place on November 2nd 2016 and a full bus of PPRE staff members, teachers, students, alumni and friends travelled to Düsseldorf to attend the festivities. Representatives of the DAAD also joined the occasion to celebrate this success with the delegation from Oldenburg.

The PPRE team really was flattered by the heart warming laudatio given by the current MSc. students Colleen Lattyak and Adnan Shihab in which they highlighted how the subject of diversity is addressed in the study programme and their joy of being part of the PPRE family. Representing the PPRE team Dr. Tanja Behrendt and Prof. Sebastian Lehnhoff received the certificate appreciating the extraordinary dedication of the PPRE students, alumni and external students who proposed our programme to the Ars Legendi committee.

Encouraged by these words and the subsequent dinner the delegation returned back to Oldenburg later that night motivated to improve the study programme even further with the support of the whole PPRE family.

Thank you!

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