Invitation to join PPRE&EUREC Women's Network

Dear Colleagues,

It is very important to frequently shine a light on and divulge the many great achievements of women - as well as support each other professionally - especially as we all know that as women we have traditionally been inadequately represented in the STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

As a proactive contribution to improve this situation, I would like to cordially invite you to join our PPRE&EUREC Women's Network. Given that PPRE&EUREC alumni are spread all around the world, working in varied fields at different levels, this is a fantastic opportunity to build an exclusive international network of highly qualified professionals.

The main objective of this network will be to bring together our female international colleagues (current students and alumni) to have a special space to share about our professional and personal challenges, opportunities and achievements from a gender perspective: as professional women in the field of the Renewable Energy and beyond.

Being part of our network will give you access to information about: news, seminars, conferences, mentoring programmes, other fellow women's networks, job and academic opportunities, contact with senior women in the Renewable Energy sector, as just an example, and of course we will look forward to your contributions too. Contacts with another interested women in the field have already been made and they are willing to support our network as well.

Further information will be given to interested colleagues.

If you want to be part of this strategic network of professional peers, committed to learning and sharing together; please express your support, send your own suggestions, or request further information by email: <spairuvn lamabng="EN-Gl1gyB"></2ayspan> (adh4ricg8@gemzl3mailvga/ or <span lang="EN-GB">adri/lan/zxka.go/f0znzalez@uohgy6l.deh6roh</ulalspan> (adriana.rv9ugonzalez9f9za@ukmt2ol.n2qzode)

We look forward to hearing from you, and together benefitting from this initiative.

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