Next Energy Institute goes DLR

German Federal Government Budget Committee approves funding for additional DLR institutes
(extract taken from DLR press release)

The Budget Committee of the German Federal Government has approved 42 million euro in funding to establish six new institutes within the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR).

These new institutes with research focus named will be established in:

  • Hamburg, Dresden and Augsburg - Aviation,
  • Jena - Big data and smart data beyond aerospace,
  • Bremerhaven -  Interdisciplinary issue of security,
  • Oldenburg - Energy research (System integration and energy management in Oldenburg.

The new institutes will be established in cooperation with the Federal States and integrated at their locations within the local and regional research networks according to their specific scientific focus.

System Integration and Energy Management in Oldenburg

Currently operating in Oldenburg, the NEXT ENERGY institute has been earmarked for integration within DLR's energy research activities. The topics that the institute addresses complement DLR's portfolio very well. They include system integration and energy management for urban systems. The institute will cooperate closely with other DLR facilities. Precise knowledge of how the various components of the energy system interact and how they can be optimised will be crucial to the ongoing implementation of the energy transition to include larger proportions of renewable energies. A particular focus will be placed on the integration of various storage technologies and so-called sectoral coupling – the interconnection of energy, mobility and industry, as well as electricity, heat and fuel. Here, thanks to the synergy between its integrative research priorities, DLR is in a position to make a unique contribution.

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