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Concept and Practical Implementation of Integrated Flexible Biogas-Intermittent RE-Battery Storage for Reliable and Secure Power Supply to Meet Actual Load Demand At Optimal Costs

PhD-Project by Dodiek Ika Candra, Indonesia (PPRE 2011-13) who is doing his PhD at Department of Engineering Science, University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg and University of Rostock


A practical implementation of flexible biogas with an intermittent renewable energy source and an energy storage in a virtual power plant (VPP) is shown. It provides reliable and secure power supply, and covers different load schemes regarding varying electricity prices. Methods applied were building a VPP, and developing a power management system (PMS) for the VPP. PMS is based on an agent-concept, the optimization algorithms are based on linear programming. Sensitivity analysis of different load schemes is done for different market integration approaches.

The results show that electricity from RES combined in a VPP delivers a secure power supply on low costs, when optimally integrated to energy markets e.g. futures market. It is also shown that the average optimized costs are influenced depending on the share of adjustable components (biogas, battery), e.g. in winter costs are higher due to less PV power.

The logical backbone of the PMS-the agent concept- is able to maintain the power supply stable and reliable. The applied Multi Agent Based Optimization Algorithm (MABOA) is working with high reliability; its plug-and-play structure allows the implementation of new components and adoptions of the algorithms in the operating system (hot plug), which helps to quickly react to changing requirements (legal, economic, technical) on the system without harming the system stability.

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