PPRE and EUREC students visit Zentrum Zukunft

Zentrum Zukunft Excursion

by Hans Holtorf

On December 19th 2016 fifty PPRE, EUREC, EP, Physics and SEM* students were invited to visit Zentrum Zukunft of EWE in Emstek, 35km south of Oldenburg. First we had interesting guided tours on the view on future energy supply (space heat, chill and electricity) on home level (Vision Energie) and on modern living (Vision Wohnen). Next, EWE members Sascha Schröder and Marcus Merkel led three student teams in playing the serious game Ensight (Energy Insight Through Serious Games).

In the name of our students, we would like to thank EWE for their continuous support by enabling this exiting excursion. It took place annually since 2013. Every time students were delighted about the hospitality and the technical / scientific programme at site.

PPRE = Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy
EUREC = European Renewable Energy Master

EP = Engineering Physics Master
Physics = Physics Master

SEM = Sustainability, Economics and Management


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