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KPI for Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Mini Grids in Remote Islands of Bangladesh

by Dipta Majumdera (PPRE 16/18), Junaed Tazdika, Kazi Ahsan Uddina, Md. Abdullah Al Matin


Solar Photovoltaic (PV)-Diesel based hybrid mini grids are getting popular in Bangladesh in order to electrify remote rural areas i.e. islands. Grid quality electricity is provided to the poor people through these mini grids. Due to the high initial investment and associated risks, financial viability of the mini grids depends largely on the performance of the plant. Hence, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) model is proposed for a mini grid to identify the overall performance of the plant. A mini grid project at Paratoli, Narsingdi, Bangladesh has been taken as a case study to validate the KPI model. Analysis from the data based on the KPI has also been done. 

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