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Retained Heat Cooker Reduce Cooking Energy, Cooking Time and Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

by A.N.M. Zobayer, Bangladesh (PPRE 2004/06)


Cooking is necessary need for human race irrespective of locality. Various types of fuels are used for cooking food items in cooking stoves which are responsible for greenhouse gas emission. Retained Heat cooker (RHC) is a promising solution for reducing cooking energy which employs the retained heat for cooking in an urban or rural kitchen. Different kinds of food items may be cooked using RHC including rice, potato, chicken, beef, and vegetables etc. which require water for their cooking. When the food is heated to its boiling temperature on the cooking stove, the food can be continued to be cooked using this cooker by retaining the heat. This option offers several benefits including reduction of fuel usage, greenhouse gas emission, increase shelf life of food,  energy savings for cooking leading to monetary savings, reduction indoor air pollution etc. RHCs can save cooking energy up to 48% for different food items as compared to cooking using conventional cooking stove and save stove time by two- third. Also, CO2 reduction as well as reduce indoor air pollution using RHC ranges from 45-111 grams per kg of food items for different food items

Index Terms— Cooking; Energy efficiency; Energy saving; Green house gas emission. Retained Heat cooker; Shelf life of food

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