Engineers from the Itaipu Technology Park (Paraguay) visited the University of Oldenburg and the PPRE facilities

by Raul Vazquez, Paraguay - PPRE2015/17

Last Friday, October 7th, a group of three engineers from Paraguay, currently working at the the Itaipu Technology Park Foundation (FPTI - Paraguay) came all the way up to Germany to visit both the PPRE facilities and the Uni Oldenburg, looking for projects and partnership.

The FPTI-Paraguay is part of the ITAIPU hydroelectric power plant (14.000 MW of installed power), whose mission is "to generate electricity with quality, social and environmental responsibility, promoting economic, tourism and technology development, sustainable in Paraguay and Brazil." In order to meet this mission, the ITAIPU laid the foundations for the creation of a space: the Itaipu Technological Park, aimed to become a center of scientific-technological development that contributes positively to regional development.

Tamatia Colman, Hernan Gonzalez and Peter Lindstrom are part of the Innovation Center for Automation and Control (CIAC), a research and project development center within the FPTI-Paraguay, currently working in small photovoltaic power stations for remote and isolated regions in Paraguay (i.e. two important military bases in the north of the country), development of measurement and monitoring systems for ITAIPU, projects related to energy efficiency/Domotics, smart energy meters, water quality and contamination control for lakes and projects related to the IEC 61850 Standard.

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