Colombian students for the second time in Germany

Colombian students for the second time in Germany

Colombian students for the second time in Germany

by Mónica Andrea Gutiérrez Almonacid

(Group of students from the UJTL)

We had again visitors from the wonderful Colombia! This time, they were a group of 8 students from the chemical engineering program, from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano (UJTL) located in the capital city: Bogotá. The group was guided by Dr. Carlos Forero, who is the director of the renewable energies research group of the UJTL.

They had two weeks of technical visit in Germany, related with the industry and research of the different renewable energy technologies. From the 13th to the 15th of June 2017, I accompanied the group for the visit to Oldenburg and Berlin.

In the morning of the 13th of June, the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energies of the University of Oldenburg was introduced to the group by its Director Michael Golba. During his presentation, the students could take a look on the structure of PPRE and the program’s diversity, since it characterizes for having students from different nationalities, cutting across all continents, religions, languages, educational and professional backgrounds, ages, etc. Subsequently, Dr. Hans Holtorf gave a presentation to the students about the development of a holistic method to monitor the quality and success of renewable energy programs.

During the afternoon of the same day, the students had insights on renewable energy integration and wind energy. This started with the technical visit to OFFIS, where the scientific researcher and PhD candidate Jorge Velasquez explained the research done in the institute, the need of an ICT based electricity network (smart grid) and the challenges for the integration of renewable energy technologies in different voltage levels of the grid. The group visited the Smart Energy Simulation and Automation Laboratory (SESA-lab) where real conditions of complex grids are tried to be simulated.

ForWind was the last host for the day, where Dr. Michael Hölling gave a tour to the wind tunnel of the institute, giving insights on wind energy experimental research in general, the features of the tunnel, the current experiments carried out in the facility and future plans for the tunnel, since it began its operation last year.  As a nice close up, the scientific researcher and PhD candidate Juan José Trujillo explained how the institute is structured and gave an overview on the research done in wind energy meteorology, wind flow interaction with wind turbines and wind power systems.

(Visit to the wind tunnel at ForWind)

To finalize the visit in Oldenburg, on the 14th of June, the MSc. candidate Aldo Leon presented Next Energy, where he is doing his master thesis. He introduced the research done in the institute about photovoltaics, fuel cells and energy storage. It was especially interesting for the group to see the laboratories inside the institute, where the manufacturing and testing equipment for thin film solar cells is.

(Visit to the wind tunnel at TU Berlin)

The group finished their technical visit to Germany in Berlin, with the wind energy group from the Fluid Dynamics and Technical Acoustic Institute of the Technical University of Berlin. The PhD candidate Joseph Saverin introduced the open source wind energy software ‘Qblade’ developed within the wind energy group. Furtheremore,  the PhD candidate Sirko Bartholomay showed the wind tunnel to the students and the Berlin Research Wind Turbine (BeRT), which is the first experimental wind turbine in Germany for the testing of active and passive flow control. To finalize, Dr. Dominik Waßmer gave interesting insights about gas turbines and gave a tour in the thermo-acoustics laboratory to the students.

(Visit to the thermo-acoustics at TU Berlin)

Hereby, I would like to thank to Dr. Carlos Forero and his group of students for letting me organize and guide their visit in Oldenburg and Berlin. Moreover, Dr. Forero, his group of students and me want to extend our gratitude for all the information shared during the visit and the warm welcome that the universities and all the institutes gave to their visitors. Special thanks are given to Michael Golba and Dr. Hans Holtorf form PPRE, Aldo León from Next Energy, Dr. Mike Hölling and Juan José Trujillo from Forwind, Jorge Velasquez form OFFIS and Joseph Saverin, Sirko Bartholomay and Dominik Waßmer from TU Berlin, who were the representatives from each institute.

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