Excursion to PV Power Plant

Excursion to PV Power Plant

Excursion to PV Power Plant

by Dr. Hans Holtorf, lecturer

On June 26th 2017, solar energy students (PPRE and affiliated programmes) visited the solar farm “Fliegerhorst Oldenburg”. IFE Eriksen (http://ife-eriksen.de/) hosted the students at the 13.9MWp system in Oldenburg.

The excursion was carried out on bicycles. This allowed to visit different points related to PV power plants. Additionally it gave an impression on some scenic places in the outskirts of Oldenburg.

A coffee break in between the solar farm “Fliegerhorst Oldenburg” and the “Solarpark Ammerland” was an ideal place to give some introductory explanations by the lecturer and an impression of in total 44MWp of PV installed on the two adjacent solar farms.

The weather was ideal for cycling (no rain!) and for the explanation of some of the challenges for the electricity grid (high fluctuation of solar radiation and therefore variability of PV power to the grid!).

To mention just four key lessons learned from IFE:

- The solar park was realized in a very short time (2 months only!) – imagine the coordination of all the in between steps.

- The system is built on a so-called conversion ground, a former military airport with all its harmful contaminations. So before construction, it took a lot of effort to inspect the place for old ammunition in the ground.

- A challenge is the monitoring of the huge amount of PV module’s performance which is done continuously and online by a data acquisition system. Additionally, on an intermittent basis the modules are checked by thermographic measurements.

- The produced electricity is enough to cover the electricity needs of approximately 3,200 four-person households.

We would like to thank Mrs. Schur and Mr. Hoppe from IFE in Oldenburg for the deep insights in to “solar farming” in Oldenburg.


Figure 1: Solar Energy Students with the „Solarpark Ammerland“ in the background. Photo credit Sandra Schwerz.

Figure 2: Endless amounts of solar modules on the solar farm “Fliegerhorst Oldenburg”. Photo Credit Sandra Schwerz.

Figure 3: Explanations by Mrs. Schur and Mr. Hoppe, IFE (2nd and 3rd from left). Photo Credit Saba Sadder.

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