Experience Reports - Nithin Jacob

Experience Reports - Nithin Jacob

CIM Seminar on “Return Home or Stay in Germany” at Bonn Experience

by Nithin Jacob Cherian (PPRE 2016/18)


About the CIM and the seminar

The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) is the competence centre for global labour mobility in the international cooperation activities of the German Government.

CIM taps the potential that global migration offers for sustainable development. CIM is jointly run by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the International Placement Services (ZAV) of the German Federal Employment Agency, bringing together over 35 years of expertise in development and labour market policy.

The seminar took place from 24th March (Friday) to 26th March 2017 (Sunday) to provide a first-hand information on the job market and career opportunities in your field in India and at the same time, answer questions regarding your career opportunities in Germany.


Personal Experience

Day 1: The accommodation was provided in CJD Tagnus, Bonn. We had an introduction session of around 2 hours, in which the agenda of the seminar was introduced in brief and the participants introduced themselves by plugging pins on the Indian map, wherever they come from. It was astonishing to note that everybody in the group was from similar backgrounds and it was a wonderful opportunity to make professional contacts. I could get the feeling of widespread alumni of University of Oldenburg as there was a EUREC 2014 batch graduate named Kasina and also when the workshop organisers mentioned about the previous year participants or awardees from Uni Oldenburg. We then had a small get together, a free time to get to know each other, followed by the cosy dinner. The accommodation provided was nice and I had a good sleep.

Day 2: Return to India was the theme of the day. It was the core day of the seminar, in which we had two sessions as a group and a session for individual consultation with the Organiser and consultant, Ms. Richa Arora, GIZ Delhi, India. We were enlightened with the funding opportunities, aim of the CIM team, and various other supports that they provide. For me personally, it was good to know that I could apply for becoming a “CIM expert” which leads to a funding support of around 700 to 1000 euros as a top up to the salary for first two years, if I return to India and work in the booming Renewable Energy sector. There was an opportunity to talk to two of the CIM experts via skype, in which they shared their personal experiences in Germany and with CIM.

Day 3: Stay in Germany was the theme of the day and naturally, the seminar was in Deustch. The seminar introduced us to various aspects of job searching, laws and regulations related to working in Germany. They promised adding of the participant’s email IDs to their mailing list to inform in time to time, the various job vacancies both in Germany and India. The seminar ended up with a lavish lunch and I returned towards Oldenburg. It is worthy to mention that the workshop was for free and they reimburse the travel expenses for the same.

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