ForWind Symposium for Presentation of Latest Results from Wind Physics Research

ForWind has completed three big joint research projects in 2017:

· Analysis of wake losses and wake turbulence characteristics of large offshore wind farms by comparison of the wind farms „alpha ventus” and „Riffgat” (GW Wakes)

· Yield optimisation of wind farms by means of advanced wind turbine and wind farm control (CompactWind)

· Probabilistic load description, monitoring and reduction of loads of future offshore wind turbines (OWEA Loads).

In order to present the latest results from these projects, a one-day symposium took place in the WindLab building of ForWind in Oldenburg on 14th June 2017 (Fig. 1). 15 talks were presented to the ca. 80 participants working in science and industry  (Fig. 2). These talks were located in the two main fields

1. loads, monitoring and control

2. interdependencies between atmospheric conditions and wakes.

Additionally to the members of the three ForWind research groups and of the Fraunhofer IWES from Oldenburg, also external lecturers presented their talks: Prof. Dr. L. Pao, University of Colorado at Boulder, Prof. Dr. C. Bottasso, TU München, Dr. T. Lutz, P. Weihing and Prof. Dr. P. W. Cheng, University Stuttgart and N. Mittelmeier, Senvion GmbH.

Most visitors of the symposium took part in a guided tour through the WindLab building and its wind tunnel. This first symposium of this kind in the new WindLab has found a positive resonance among its participants.

Figure 1: Welcome and introduction by the leader of the symposium, Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn (Photo Credit: Wilfried Golletz, BI, Uni Oldenburg)

Figure 2: Participants of the ForWind symposium at 14th of June 2017 (Photo Credit: Wilfried Golletz, BI, Uni Oldenburg)


Prime Minister of Lower Saxony visits ForWind

Oldenburg is located in the federal state Lower Saxony, which is outstanding in regards of not only the utilisation of wind energy but also the research in this field. Therefore, the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, visited ForWind on 22nd of June 2017 during his summer journey. ForWind presented its WindLab building, its research infrastructure and its unique wind tunnel for turbulence research to the visitors (Fig.3). An impressive and enjoying demonstration was given to the visitors: They experienced the effect of different wind speeds up to storm directly in the wind tunnel (Fig. 4).

Additionally to the large opportunities for further research, ForWind hopes also to attract students with its outstanding research infrastructure. Students, who decide to study Engineering Physics or the European Wind Energy Master in Oldenburg, have the prospect to do their studies in this motivating environment.

Figure 3: Prime Minister Stephan Weil (3rd from left) and Oldenburg`s Mayor Jürgen Krogmann (4th  from left) as visitors at ForWind, together with their hosts Dr. Stephan Barth, Managing Director of ForWind and Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn (1st and 2nd from left), Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Michael Piper, President of University Oldenburg (2nd from right) and Prof. Dr. Joachim Peinke (right). (Photo: press office of University Oldenburg)

Figure 4: Facing the storm (from left to right): Prime Minister Stephan Weil, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Michael Piper, President of University Oldenburg and Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn. (Photo: press office of University Oldenburg)

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