Visits of Alumni

Visits of Alumni

by Edu Knagge (PPRE 1990/91)


(Wisdom Ahiataku Togobo and Edu Knagge)

Wisdom Ahiataku Togobo, Ghana (PPRE 1996/97), Director of the RE Department of Ministry of Energy visited PPRE in October 2017 while staying in Germany to prepare the COP23 conference in November 2017 for his Ministry.


(Iresha Somarathna Palle Badalge, Edu Knagge, Nadun Fernando)

Iresha Somarathna Palle Badalge, Sri Lanka (PPRE 2003/04), Head of Energy Department at Brandix Apparel Ltd., Headquarter Colombo, together with CFO of Brandix Apparel Lld. Mr. Nadun Fernando, visited PPRE in October 2017 during a business trip to various companies in Germany. Actually, the trip was coordinated and organized by Iresha’s former PPRE fellow student Björn Kuntze, Germany.

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