Graduation Ceremony 2017

Graduation Ceremony 2017

Graduation Ceremony 2017

by Hans Holtorf

The twenty-ninth PPRE batch finalized their graduation ceremony in a touching event on March 31st 2017. The ceremony was organized by the graduation ceremony team. It consisted of Adnan Shihab, Agata Rostran, Colleen Lattyak and Yasmini Dopico. The ceremony was proudly chaired by Colleen Lattyak. Prof. Sabine Kyora, a vice president of University of Oldenburg, Prof. Jutta Kunz, director of the institute of Physics as well as Marianne Hamm and Christiane Stroth, members of the PPRE staff, shared their welcome address with the audience. The audience consisted of PPRE & EUREC students, their family members and partners as well as PPRE staff members and lecturers. Wadzanai Chigwa and Rishabh Gotge gave a nostalgic and amusing retrospective on the three semester adventure of their studies on Renewables. The representatives of the founding and Innovation Center of the University as well as the manager of the University of Oldenburg Alumni Network gave an idea of the University’s offer to their alumni. Finally Aldo Leon and Raul Vasquez completed the ceremony by some unplugged music from their guitars and their vocal chords.

By the way: Just before clinking glasses of champagne the certificates were handed over to the graduates by Prof. Andreas Engel, dean of study affairs of the School of Mathematics and Sciences of our university and by myself. A touching moment in the course of my work year. After spending 1 ½ years with these wonderful students from all over the world, the graduation ceremony is the time to say farewell. However, it is the instance when all the students have turned to valuable colleagues. I hope we will stay in contact by the PPRE list! Keep your contact details on the PPRE-list updated ( – and



Photo 1: Wadzanai and Rishabh presenting their views on the past three semesters. Photo credit: Wilfried Golletz.

 Photo 2: Aldo and Raúl singing a little tune of pain and sorrow. Photo credit Wilfried Golletz.

Photo 3: Graduates after reception of their certificates. Photo Credit Wilfried Golletz.

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