New Incomings for RE Master Programmes at University of Oldenburg

New Incomings for RE Master Programmes at University of Oldenburg

by Edu Knagge, (PPRE 1990-91)

On 4th of October 2017 the University of Oldenburg welcomed 32 new RE master students – 20 students enrolled in the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) and 12 in the European RE Master Programme organized by EUREC, Brussels.

The students come from 20 different countries, 9 from Latin America, 8 each from Asia & Europe, 4 from Africa and 1 each from Australia, Canada and Iran.

The two extensive Introduction & Orientation weeks at University of Oldenburg were concluded with an excursion to different wind facilities in the North-West of Germany.

Among others, the students visited

· the production line of ENERCON, Germany’s No.1. manufacturer of wind energy converters (WECs),

· the test-field of the German Wind Energy Institute with different modern WECs (Multi MW class) on site

· a historical 130 year old wind mill, which is still in operation

· an almost 20 year old windfarm, where students were asked to climb up one wind turbine to experience the wind forces at 65m height

· the North-Sea coast with its Wadden Sea.

 new students at historical wind mill …

... at ENERCON CO., Aurich ...

… in 65 meters above ground …

... at DEWI test field exploring the installation of a huge crane to exchange the generator of a MW-class turbine

Right after the excursion the new students joined the traditional WELCOME party at Energielabor - well organized by senior students – to encounter senior students, fresh graduates, alumni and PPRE staff.

The 2017-2018 Academic Year has just started!

With a record number of students registered in both our programmes, the Academic Year 2017/2018 started on the 4th September in Mines-ParisTech and Hanze UAS, and soon after in Loughborough, Zaragoza and Oldenburg Universities.

Read the full article on EUREC's latest news here.

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