Integrating intermittent renewable energy by large-scale sewage water source heat pumps, in modern district heating networks

Integrating Intermittent Renewable Energy by Large-Scale Sewage Water Source Heat Pumps in Modern District Heating Networks

by Aldo Perez Rodarte, Mexico (EUREC 2011/13)

*Coordination Center for Climate Protection; Department for Social Affairs, Integration and the Environment

I'm PhD student at the TH-Köln in Cologne Germany since the scholar year 2016-2017. The PhD is being done in collaboration with the University of Lleida, Spain. Prof. Stadler (Cologne) and Prof. Cabeza (Lleida) are the coordinators of my thesis. Since 2014 I have been working at the EU-funded project CELSIUS, which has been the basis for my research.

The thesis assess the sewage water heat potential in European cities for the supply of heat in a centralized and decentralized use. The work shows how this potential can be utilized by heat pumps, which at the same time will integrate intermittent renewable energy. One of the aims of the investigation is to find out how the environmental benefits can be maximized e.g. by controlling the production of heat of such heat pumps.

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