PPRE-Challenge 2017: Clash of wisdom and youth

PPRE-Challenge 2017: Clash of wisdom and youth

PPRE-Challenge 2017: Clash of wisdom and youth

The two teams and supporters after the soccer match. Actually the four Knagge-kids reduced the average staff age drastically.


by Mohamed Abdelazim, Sudan (PPRE 2016/18)

With a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding it, the long going tradition of the PPRE challenge was held this year on the 5th of July 2017. A challenge in which students of the PPRE program face their mentors of professors, teachers and tutors in two matches of volleyball and football. A chance for students to teach their mentors a lesson or for the staff to prove that age is just a number!

In a cool and nice weather the students and professors headed to the Oldenburg sports Arena. Although the challenge was friendly, the atmosphere was full of competitiveness and excitement. The first challenge was the volleyball match.

With faces full of self-confidence, the professors’ team lead by Andreas Günter and another anonymous masked professor (who identified himself as Dr. Smash!) looked more relaxed and self-assured while warming up on the field. On the other hand, the student’s team were discussing the formation and roles of each player & even struggled to form a complete squad! The match began with a fierce attack from the professors’ side wasting no time to put themselves on the lead with a comfortable points difference. It was obvious that each player in the team knew his specific roles and position on the field, the thing which was totally missing in the opponent’s team in the first part of the game. However, the students managed to organize themselves as the they kept hearing their colleagues cheering and supporting them from outside the field, which noticeably boasted the morals of the team inspiring them to show better harmony and competitive spirit as they reduced points gap. The professors team didn’t lose control of the game for too long; instead they successfully absorbed the excitement of their opponents proving that it will need more than high morals to beat their skills and talent in this game as they gained a comfortable win ahead of their younger rivals.









The second part of the challenge was the football match, where the professors were seeking to prove their domination of the PPRE challenge after winning the first part, while the students wanted to take advantage of this second change to redeem their self-esteem (and to win a bet they made with Dr. Robin which will gain them a 24hr deadline delay for their lab paper submission in case of their win!).

The game started with ball possession from the professor’s side, moving the ball in short passes between them and forcing the students to press and run from one player to the other in a desperate search of the ball. The strategy seemed to work as the students began to show signs of tiredness. The professors then knew that it was the time to strike; they opened the scoring sheet after several passes between Dr. Heinemann, Edu and Luis ending with Dr. Radychev who had the proper finishing skills to put the ball into the net. The students were shocked by the goal and although they had a couple of attacking efforts they were punished for these attempts by two other goals leaving them 3 goals behind as the referee whistled announcing the finish of the first half.

After Coming from the break, both teams introduced new faces to the ground to inject some energy to the field, but none of them proved to be as lethal as the Colombian striker Jorge who offered his teammates the final touch they have been missing in front of the goal, scoring a brace in less than ten minutes and reviving the teams hope in the match. Nevertheless, the joy of the two goals was ruined by the man of the match himself: Dr. Heinemann with a stunning goal from outside of the box. The students responded to this incredible goal with another amazing one from Amin who dribbled his way to the goal from his team’s side past all the defenders to score a spectacular solo goal. In the last minutes the hopes of the students were shattered by two late goals, the latter being scored by the energetic bee of the team: the young Edu Jr., who forced to students to applaud for him in respect as the game finished with a 6:3 score for the professors’ side.

Everyone deserved some relaxing time with some tasty food after all the running, shouting and cheering, therefore came everybody’s favourite part: the BBQ, thanks to Hans and his assistant Abdo. The PPRE family enjoyed a Delicious BBQ meal prepared with love & people immersed themselves in enjoyable chats and conversations, which finished this amazing day in the best possible way.

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