PPRE presented at Stifterverband conference in Lower Saxony

PPRE presented at Stifterverband conference in Lower Saxony

PPRE presented at Stifterverband conference in Lower Saxony

by Hans Holtorf (PPRE 1988/89)

As a follow up of being awarded the Ars-Legendi Prize in 2016 by the Stifterverband and the German Rector’s Conference – refer to the respective Newsletter article – PPRE was invited to present itself at the annual Stifterverband conference in Lower Saxony on March 30th 2017 in Hannover. This was a most honourable invitation. Obviously, we would wish to have a member of our student body to join. The management of the event was pleased to include two students on the agenda – Ms. Robyn Blake-Rath (a guest student in PPRE lectures studying “Sustainability, Economics and Management”) and Mr. Aldo Leon (“Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy”).

Approximately 30 persons, agents of different companies involved in the activities and the funding of Stifterverband (https://www.stifterverband.org/english) joined the conference. Dr. Joachim Kreuzburg, chief executive officer of Sartorius AG and chairperson of the conference, and Mr. Rainer Plath, the representative of the hosting Deloitte & Touche GmbH, welcomed us. After the regular topics, the PPRE representatives reported on their views on the PPRE, the successes and the challenges.

Robyn from Germany highlighted from her experience the necessity of negotiating and deciding on binding agreements on working behaviour at lectures within an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary team of students. Aldo from Mexico presented his motivation to study Renewables in Germany, specifically in Oldenburg. From his point of view, he specified the features of PPRE being the lab courses and the alumni networking. This, according to Aldo, leads to having friends all over the world. I myself gave an overview over the content, the concept, the history and the statistics of PPRE.

Another important and impressive topic on the agenda dealt with the integration of refugees. In 2016 Stifterverband started an initiative to support the integration by different approaches of education and to welcome them into our society. The topic and the challenges in this field were discussed vividly.

I was proud of the feedback the students received. Spontaneously Robyn and Aldo were asked to submit their application documents for an internship / a job.

Thanks to Stifterverband for allowing us to present on this occasion.

Abbildung 1: Robyn, Hans and Aldo presenting PPRE at the Landeskuratorium Niedersachsen. Photo Credit: Johanna Niklas.

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