RE News from Uganda

by Wycliff Jagwe, Uganda (PPRE 2005/07)

We are climbing the SolarPV ladder progressively, and this year 2017, 20MWp has been commissioned feeding power into the grid, with more 45MWp licensed for development in the nearest future, may come online in year 2018.

Jagwe inspecting a 10 MWp solar plant

My company ASTER INTEGRAL ( was awarded the contract to carry out the role of an Engineer for inspection, testing and commissioning of the 10MWp solar plant.

ASTER is also providing engineering and technical support for development of another 15MWp grid connected solar plant in Uganda. We have already got the license and the Developer is ready to start construction works, expecting it online by mid next year 2018.

We are also active in hydropower having actively supported feasibility, permits and licensing of two developers for 10MW and 4.5MW small hydropower plants development. Both plants have been awarded development licenses and construction is ongoing.


(Changed: 2020-01-23)