TellWind Workshop

TellWind Workshop


TellWind is an initiative to help newcomers in the wind industry understand financial risk associated to uncertainties, often overlooked or poorly understood. TellWind offers workshops that explain how to drive successful wind farm economics through careful selection of the right product to optimize energy output while mitigating risk.

Vanesa Martinez is a graduate from the EUREC Program 2006/2007, and also founder at TellWind. She designs and delivers all workshops herself. She has been in the wind energy sector for over 10 years and has worked for large corporations like GE and Siemens. Throughout her career Vanesa has been working closely with developers and investors to ensure successful wind farm economics through selection of the right product together with proper project risk management. Her commitment to making wind power a mainstream source of clean energy drives her motivation to help newcomers develop profitable and viable projects with the lowest possible financial risk.

TellWind offers workshops and seminars free of charge to universities and NGOs committed to developing clean energy. Last June 30th, Vanesa lectured a half day workshop at PPRE, sharing with students the learnings from the industry compiled throughout her career. Below a picture of the group at the Energy Lab.

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