PPRE Newsletter - Volume 38

PPRE Newsletter - Volume 38

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PPRE-News - May 2018 / Vol. 38

Dear Reader,

here are some recent updates with respect to RE activities from Oldenburg University, its related research institutions and most important from students and last but not least alumni of the Postgraduate Programs Renewable Energy (PPRE). We hope you enjoy reading and send us updates about your activities, projects, experiences gained, etc. in form of reports, papers, publications, links, etc. for the next PPRE-Alumni-Newsletter.

Sunny greetings from Oldenburg
Your PPRE Team

News from Oldenburg

Renewable Energy Online (REO) - starting this year!

Andreas Guenther (REO Coordinator)

We are very glad to announce, that our new M.Sc. programme "Renewable Energy Online" (REO) will start in October 2018! Applications are possible from June through August.

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What you ever wanted to know about Critical Materials...

Dr. Alexandra Pehlken

The development of the periodic table of element was possible through the funding of the Cascade Use Research Group at Oldenburg University.

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1st Experts Workshop on Wind Tunnel Experiments hosted by ForWind

Hendrik Heisselmann, Forwind

In March 2018, ForWind, the center for wind energy research of the Universities Bremen, Hannover and Oldenburg, organized the first experts workshop on "Wind Energy Science and Wind Tunnel Experiments".

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RE Career Day, 2017

Maria Marcela Fragozo, Colombia & Koen Vanacker, Belgium (EUREC 2017/18)

The objective of the meeting was to provide all students of PPRE/EUREC of WiSe 17/18 a closer view and orientation regarding to the projection of the career, job expectation and actual developments of Renewable Energy (RE) technologies running of.

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Final Ceremony: PPRE 16-18 and EUREC 16-17

Juan Camilo Gomez, Colombia (PPRE 2016-18)

On 13th of April most participants of PPRE batch 16-18 and EUREC 16-17 gathered in the BIS-Saal of the University of Oldenburg to celebrate the last gathering for many before departing to their home places or pursue new professional adventures.

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Colombian receives DAAD award

She graduated as valedictorian and is socially involved in many different ways: The engineer and graduate of the "Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy" (PPRE) Monica Andrea Gutierrez Almonacid received this year's award of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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Solarpark Fliegerhorst Oldenburg Excursion

Charles Bridgen, Australia (EUREC 2017/18)

"Oh, what a trip!!" A motley crew of like-minded yet eclectic group of students with a greatly knowledgeable and patient captain, lecturer Hans Holtorf, leading from the front. Our destination was the abandoned airfield in Brokhausen/Oldenburg, roughly five kilometres away that has been converted into 2 large Solar PV power farms.

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Experience Reports

PPRE alumni and students at COP23

Adriana Coppola, Costa Rica (PPRE 2016-2018)

During the Fiji COP23 (Conference of the Parties for the United Nations Framework for the Convention of Climate Change) held in Bonn during November 2017, 9 PPRE/EUREC alumni had the opportunity to meet and share their experiences during PPRE as well about their roles in the negotiations and side events during the conference.

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News from the desert: PPRE-EUREC experience at IRENA, Abu Dhabi

Sonia Rueda (PPRE 2015/17) & Apoorva Satpathy (EUREC 2016/17)

In 2017, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) developed an initiative to collect data about off-grid energy production. Clearly, there is a lack of centralized and reliable information in the renewable off-grid sector, identified as a barrier for project development, mainly to access funding.

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Certified Solar Employee Winter School at SRH Hochschule Berlin

Nithin Jacob Cherian, India (PPRE 16/18)

Keen to explore the Solar/Photovoltaic industry? Looking to build some amazing networks within renewable energy? Thinking about enhancing your knowledge in the Solar energy technical and business aspects? The 6-week Winter School course (worth 5 ECTS) organized by SRH Hochschule Berlin that certifies the participant as a certified solar employee or entrepreneur, is the perfect answer for all these questions.

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Reintegration Course "Getting Prepared" in Bonn, 19-20 January 2018

Kshitij Goyal, India & Mohamed Mirgani, Sudan (PPRE 2016/18)

Two PPRE students got an opportunity to attend a seminar on "Getting Prepared" in Bonn, Germany. The seminar was hosted by German Association of Postgraduate Programs with special relevance to developing countries (AGEP) and Deutsche Welle Academy, Bonn.

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Dipta Majumder, Bangladesh (PPRE 2016/18)

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) from the United Nations (UN) deal with seventeen most important issues of our world to transform it for better. Out of the seventeen, SDG 10 is to reduce inequality within and among countries. Keeping this 2030 agenda in mind, Stube-Niedersachsen (Germany) arranged a two-days seminar on 17-19 November, 2017.

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Current PPRE and EUREC MSc-Projects

For more infos about current PPRE and EUREC thesis projects please visit our website.

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Intervention in Renewable Energy Technologies due to Major Earthquake in Nepal

Ram Prasad Dhital, Nepal (PPRE 2001/2002)

The destructive earthquake (EQ) hitting Nepal on 25 April 2015 and another massive aftershock on 12 May 2015 have caused a major devastation across the country, resulting into loss of about 9,000 lives.

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Johnmary Migadde, Uganda (PPRE 2012/14)

In March this year, I embarked on setting up a solar PV powered cinema (locally known as a kibanda) in a rural area called Kafumu located in Mpigi district, Central Uganda. The structure is made from local materials such as timber, polythene bags and re-used iron sheets, all obtained locally.

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SOLtrain West Africa - ECOWAS Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Program

Francois Veynandt, France (EUREC 2007/08)

Together with my colleague Rudolf Moschik, I am contributing, as research engineer at AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC), to the implementation of the project SOLtrain West Africa, especially in the French speaking countries.

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Renewable Hydrogen: A New Market for Wind Power

Denis Thomas, Belgium (EUREC 2004/05)

Energy systems across the globe are undergoing a fundamental transformation to decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), increase air quality and decrease dependency on oil, coal and gas.

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The Floating Solar Power Plant Based on Recycled Domestic Plastic Waste

Polina Vasilenko, Russia (EUREC 2016/17)

The floating solar power plants in the close water - lakes, were already implemented in India, China, Japan, UK, but no one yet deployed the floating solar plant in the open sea, another important feature of this project is to use recycled plastic for the floating structures, for example high density polyethylene (HDPE), which can be produced from the domestic plastic waste.

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Grid of the Future: Development of a Clean and Sustainable Electric Grid for Latin America

Juan Paredes, Colombia (PPRE 1999/00)

The recently launched IDB study Grid of the Future analyzed for the first time under a state-of-the-art methodology the vast potential for two of the most mature and competitive non-conventional renewable energy technologies in the region, solar and wind energy, and laid out a long-term vision for a more sustainable energy supply in Latin America (LA).

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Losing Sleep over Climate Change

Apoorva Satpathy, India (EUREC 2016/17)

"Save our motherland, or else Climate Change will take it all away". The spectre of climate change is on everyone's mind these days. Mothers could soon be telling bedtime stories about it to scare their kids to sleep. But unlike with past bogeymen, the threat this time is real.

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A thorough investigation on hybrid application of biomass gasifier and PV resources to meet energy needs for a northern rural off-grid region of Bangladesh: A potential solution to replicate in rural off-grid areas or not?

Ruma Akhter, Bangladesh (PPRE, 17-18)

Rural electrification is a critical global challenge specifically in developing countries and Bangladesh is no exception. Most of the people live in the rural areas of the country and having no access to grid electricity hindering the development of these areas and the overall progress of the country's economy severely.

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Phasing Out Fossil Fuels: View From A Dying Indian Coal-Mining Community

Apoorva Satpathy, India (EUREC 2016-17)

Renewables will be consistently cheaper than fossil fuels in the coming two years, says a recent cost study from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The intergovernmental agency publishes reports to help inform policy-makers around the world about the feasibility of the energy transition.

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Gatherings & Visits

Green Energy Award for Rising Star, Virginia Ruiz Albacete

Virginia Ruiz Albacete, Spain (EUREC 2012/13)

Investment Analyst Virginia Ruiz Albacete from Spain (EUREC 2012/13) has won the 'Rising Star' accolade at the Scottish Green Energy Awards.

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PPRE-Alumni gathering at DAAD Alumni Workshop in Mexico in Nov. '17

German Campero, Mexico (PPRE 2010/12)

Around 30 alumni, all former DAAD-scholars, mostly Latin Americans, participated in the Workshop early November 2017 in Guadalajara Mexico.

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New Guest Researcher from India at the Wuppertal Institute

Thanks to the international climate protection scholarship for young climate experts from emerging and developing countries a young researcher took up his office at the Wuppertal Institute.

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Guest lectures from PPRE-Alumni at Oldenburg University

Large solar radiation resource assessment initiative in India & Introduction to the Grid Integration of variable Renewable Energy in India by Dr. Indradip Mitra, India (PPRE 2003-04), presently giz India; Development of Low Cost Renewable Cooling and Heating Systems for Residential Buildings in Egypt by Nermeen Galal, Egypt (PPRE 2014-16).

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Latest News

Safety first at 1 MWh storage system for a mini grid in Uganda

Ankur Agarwal, India (PPRE 2008/10)

I was recently called upon a remote island in Uganda, to help installation and commissioning of an approximately 1 MWh storage system for a mini grid. One of the batteries needed removal of excess electrolyte and the customer couldn't find their old safety glasses and we were too remote to get new ones.

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MOU For Wind Farm Portfolio in Malawi

Carlos Giron, Guatemala (PPRE 2015-17)

Fluegelboten, the start up of PPRE and EUREC alumni in Africa, in partnership with Droege Energy GmbH have signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Malawian government for the development and investment of a 150 MW Wind Energy Portfolio. The MOU authorizes these two companies to study, develop and operate the Wind Farm Portfolio as an Independent Power Producer.

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